Monday, April 18, 2011

Lies, damn lies and Liberal ads

Does my headline exaggerate? Decide for yourselves. A Liberal party television ad now saturating the airwaves tries to scare voters by claiming Prime Minister Stephen Harper once argued that the federal government should scrap the Canada Health Act. But hold on a moment: the claim is a lie.Ignatieff

PM Harper never spoke the words cited in the ad. And, apparently, the Liberal Party knows this since it cannot provide a source for this quote. Nor, for that matter, can the New Democrats. CBC News reports that:

“CBC had tried last week to track down the quote but wasn’t able to confirm it. The Conservatives contacted the media on Monday to announce their demand the Liberals remove the ad.”

According to the CBC, the Liberal Party attributes the quote to an August 26, 2010 Globe and Mail article with the headline: “It’s Past Time the Feds Scrapped the Canada Health Act.” And, although that line did so appear, its author, André Picard, was citing PM Harper from a 1997 statement he supposedly made while serving as vice-president of the National Citizens Coalition (NCC).

However, that the quotation belongs to NCC president David Somerville, not PM Harper. The line appeared in the June 1997 issue of Bulldog, the NCC newsletter, Conservative spokesman Mike White wrote in an email. And the Liberal Party knows it, because, as Mr. White wrote, the Liberal Party correctly attributed the comment to Mr. Somerville in the Liberals’ own 2004 essay, “Stephen Harper and the National Citizens’ Coalition,” at page 5, footnote 20.

Had Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff lived in Canada back then, he’d probably have know this. Perhaps he’ll now call on Grits to “rise up!” and condemn misleading Liberal advertising.


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  1. While it is misleading it is too late. The Libs cannot sell their own BS so they are resorted to attack.

    The debate can only prove that healthcare was compromised by Liberal cuts.

  2. YES---------YES-----------YES

    pot, meet kettle

  3. The Lib-NDP-Bloc Coalition will run our country the same way they've operated this campaign.

    With utter and compete moral bankruptcy. All things considered, how could it not? It’ll quickly evolve into a scenario where it’s “every rat for himself.”

    Are Canadians going to allow themselves to be manipulated and go along with it? I hope I’m wrong but I think that there is a good chance of it happening, especially with the full-press of the Toronto journalistic frauds involved in the very same moral bankruptcy.

    After all, they only need to win by one seat to seize control and begin their destruction.

  4. Tories just have to run a new ad the liberal lie and the true origin of the quote. Doubt will be raised for all Liberal ads