Saturday, April 16, 2011

Liberals concede election to Tory majority?

Have Michael Ignatieff and his campaign team conceded the election to a Tory majority? What else could account for their new attack ad accusing Prime IgnatieffMinister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives of a secret agenda to cut healthcare? The Liberal ad claims, “Harper has a risky plan to cut $11-billion from  government spending,” and implies all of these cuts will come from healthcare. “Where would Harper’s cuts leave your family’s health?” the narrator asks.

Clever, right? Remember the “big lie” favoured by dictatorship propaganda. Always include a grain of truth to make your outlandish claim seem plausible. Remember the old Liberal ad that claimed Harper would put troops on the street? Now they’re claiming Harper will ban abortions and demolish healthcare. Pathetic!

Notwithstanding the gross distortions these attacks represent, I see this trend as good news for the Tories. Good news for it—as Liberal-friendly John Ibbitson of the Globe and Mail puts it—“implicitly assumes that a Conservative majority government might be in reach, a remarkable concession from the Liberals.”

The Grits have, apparently, decided to adopt a strategy of distorting, exaggerating and generally misrepresenting their opponents’ policies through attack ads, and this “Health Risk” ad kicks off that strategy. Of course, this ad and the strategy it implies make a mockery of Michael Ignatieff’s pledge to take the high road during the campaign. But is anyone surprised? Has Michael Ignatieff stuck to a single notable position since he was handed the reins of the Liberal Party? I cannot think of one.

The Liberal Party of Canada is the only federal party that I can think of that has actually cut healthcare spending: the Jean Chrétien-Paul Martin government slashed funding for healthcare in the 1990s. Later, Martin began a program to restore some of his cuts and Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have honoured that commitment, and have pledged to continue the arrangement once the current accord expires.

So who should Canadians fear most when it comes to healthcare funding cuts: the Liberal party that cut healthcare in the past or the Conservative party that has never cut it?

And remember, readers, only a few short years ago, Ignatieff self-described himself as an American—even told a newspaper he planned to vote in the American presidential election—and Americans love privately funded healthcare, so perhaps he plans to scrap our publicly funded system in its entirety.

Never can tell with this rascal.


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  1. great post we need to counter fast with the TRUTH
    facts and numbers in an ad I know the Conservatives are working on this as we contemplate the next back pocket scandal

  2. It smacks of desperation 100%. They are losing their grip. (real conservative)

  3. We were told that free trade was a threat to health care. We were told if the Charlottetown Accord failed, it would be a threat to health care. Every election Harper has run in, we have been told he is a theat to health care. Knowing what is coming every time we vote, shouldn't the Conservatives have ads mocking the Liberals for their hysteria?

  4. Isn't this the man that said he was leading his campaigne on the message of "hope" instead of "fear"... This is as long as you can trust Ignatieff.... he says one thing one day, something completely different the next - You can't believe or trust a word he says...

  5. Even Chantal Herbert, no tory lover, admitted on CBC that the CPC had a better track record on health care then the Liberals.

  6. He also claimed he was going to vote in the USA--who can believe anything from the man's mouth?

  7. Mr. Ignatieff - He didn't come back for you.
    Mr. Ignatieff - He left because of you.
    Simply love it!

  8. I am guessing that after failing to cut the lead substantially post debate, the Liberals have figured out they cannot beat the Tories in seats so their hope is to create fear amongst the undecideds and those planning to vote for parties other than the Tories or Liberals as well as motivate those Liberals who sat out last election to show up. Their goal is to prevent a Tory majority and likewise if the Liberals can increase their seat count to around 100 seats, Ignatieff will probably get a second chance next election.

  9. harper has many times said he welcomes a 2 tier health system and you think he does not plan on cutting health care

  10. the long and short of all of this is that we don't need an election and its just a 300 million dollar waste of our money. What people should be saying to the polsters is that they are going to boycot the election to protest this complete and utter waste of our money.