Monday, April 25, 2011

Liberal campaign: desperation ads and dirty tricks at the door

With the Conservatives at or on the edge of a majority government and the New Democrats threatening to capture official opposition status from the Liberals, Michael Ignatieff and his Liberal team are showing signs of desperation.

The Tories are at 39.2 per cent nationally in the Nanos poll and at 47.8 per cent support in Ontario. It’s worth remembering that the last time there was a majority in parliament, Jean Chrétien won it (155 seats) with a mere 38.5 per cent of the popular vote. With a favourable split in the vote on May 2, Stephen Harper could very well duplicate that feat.

In a one-minute spot, called “The Loonie,” Liberals describe Stephen Harper and Jack Layton as “career politicians” and place them on two sides of a spinning coin. The ad warns that Harper will give public dollars to banks and oil companies, and predicts Layton would “jack up” taxes to pay for $70-billion in new spending. The ad also digs deep into the past to mine criticism, but stops just short of accusing these men of beating their wives.

According to the Liberal-leaning Globe and Mail, “a Liberal Party volunteer has been dismissed after removing Green Party campaign flyers from mailboxes and replacing them with Liberal materials while door-knocking with Toronto incumbent Joe Volpe [emphasis mine].” And, apparently, Orla Hegarty, Green candidate Paul Baker’s volunteer campaign manager, took photographs of the Liberal volunteer removing Green literature, and claims that Mr. Volpe also removed Green Party pamphlets from mailboxes and replaced them with Liberal materials. Unfortunately, however, she did not manage to photograph him doing so.

Desperate times demand desperate actions, or, apparently, so the Grits believe.


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  1. If you are elected to office - are you not a career politican? Perhaps a newbie but it does become your career - you are required to divest your investments and/or put your business interests in a blind trust. Cheers.

  2. How many career liberals are running again in this election-Goodale, McCallum, Fry, Bennett, Dion, and so many more. When will the backroom boys in the lib war room realize everytime they try to make a point against others they turn the spotlight on themselves.
    I hope when iggy makes his concession speech he first offers an apology to Canadians for this useless 300 million dollar election.

  3. So if Jack Layton and the NDP are Career politicians and Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are Career politicians...what the Hell does that make Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal party!!!

    What an absolutely asinine thing to say - but given that they have reduced themselves to stealing Green party literature and the polls have them free falling - maybe their party will not longer be "career politicians"

  4. Let's not forget old Joan Bryden who appears to be the Liberal goto gal for funneling junk through. She lapped up the leaked AG report and I see she's at it again today with some Tory binder full of quotes.

    Isn't she a good little press dog?!? Ruff!!

  5. Liberals have cheated more and more as their fortunes have decreased. (real conservative)

  6. I have an old camera and Volpe got talking to some of the residents.

    I inivite you to go to the estate where I took these pictures and see the geography I was facing. Also, they know who I am so I literally had to hide while taking these pictures.

    I totally wished I had a better media device with me. Put that in the next election campaign manual you are editing.

  7. Orla Hegarty,

    You did a terrific and courageous thing, Orla. I take off my hat to you. Most would not have had the presence of mind or been brave enough to take the pictures you did. It's understandable, but unfortunate, you weren't able to catch the candidate himself in the act. That would have been the icing on the cake.