Friday, April 15, 2011

Guergis regurgitates year-old news

The latest flare-up of the dated Helena Guergis story making the rounds today tells us a lot about this election. Here we have a year-old story dominating this CBC News has obtained a letter written by a top Stephen Harper aide outlining the 'serious allegations' against Helena Guergis.  Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Pressmornings news instead of us hearing about the party platforms outlining what we should expect to happen to our country in the next few years.

I read the coverage from a number of media sites and have learned nothing new—all this stuff has been revealed previously and covered by the media. Today a headline reads: “‘Serious allegations’ against Guergis revealed.” And the “story” starts:

“CBC News has learned that the ‘serious allegations’ Prime Minister Stephen Harper referred to last year in connection with former Conservative MP Helena Guergis included unsubstantiated claims of fraud, extortion and involvement with prostitutes.”

Big deal! Does anyone who cares about such things not already know this? The story goes on to tell us:

“[Prime Minister] Harper has never explained what the allegations were against Guergis, who was later cleared by the RCMP of any wrongdoing. The Ontario MP, who was ousted from cabinet, caucus and the party in April 2010, also has claimed she was never personally told what the allegations were, something the Tories deny.”

Do the folks at CBC News not know that the prime minister can fire cabinet ministers whenever he wishes and does not owe anyone an explanation for doing so? As to the opposition parties, they’re just hypocrites. A year ago, the opposition was calling on the prime minister to can Ms. Guergis over an incident at the Charlottetown airport, and now they are defending her? Really.

Most journalists, including those at the CBC, are well aware that Ms. Guergis has had staff problems and has not been well liked in the Tory caucus for some time. Add her hissy fit at the Charlottetown Airport last year and the scandal caused by her husband, former MP Rahim Jaffer, and one can quite understand why Ms. Guergis has become persona non grata.

Ms. Guergis is fighting for her seat in Simcoe-Grey against a popular Tory opponent and desperately needs to get her name in the news. And since this has the potential to harm the Tory campaign, media outlets like the CBC are only too happy to oblige.

That’s what this story all about.


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  1. I have known Guergis for over 15 years, and can tell you these allegations barely scratch the surface. She has been deceiving the public for years,but as the old saying goes "You can't fool all the people, all the time". She is long past her best before date in public life.

  2. Michael Ignatieff calls Helena Guergis a liar

  3. Good take. Pretty well sums up what thinking conservatives in the riding are thinking. Gotta love the tears and whimpers though and to add icing to the cake some photo ops with junior. Timing is everything when you're tap dancing.

    Bill Verwey
    CPC member Simcoe-Grey

  4. Perhaps Harper should have appointed Guergis Ambassador to Denmark,in the fine Liberal tradition.


  5. Excellent analysis. Don't forget that it was Ignatieff and Layton that were attacking Harper because of the very allegations against Guergis, in an attempt to smear Harper through guilt-by-association. Now that the RCMP has stated that they didn't find evidence to support the allegation (which don't mean the allegations aren't true), Ignatieff and Layton are attacking Harper for dismissing Guergis unfairly for unfounded accusations! Unbelievable hypocrisy. Great blog, by the way.