Friday, April 15, 2011

Election Canada breaks their own rules

Elections Canada has rejected a Conservative Party complaint that sought to nullify student votes at the University of Guelph on the basis their event was not pre-authorized. In a statement issued Friday, Elections Canada agreed the special balloting at the university was not properly authorized, but, curiously, allowed the votes to count nevertheless.

This agency has been at war with the Conservative Party of Canada for some time now, so I’m not surprised it would break its own rules in this matter. I wonder if Election Canada would have played so fast and loose with their own regulations if such a voting scheme had been tried by, say, a fundamentalist Christian church group. I doubt it.



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  1. What I don't understand about this whole situation is why the University of Guelph didn't just wait for the advanced poll on April 22, 23, or 25. Surely the campus is large enough to justify having an advanced polling station? I voted at an advance poll at Simon Fraser University years ago when I lived on campus... To argue that students need a Special Ballot to that they can vote seems a little suspicious to me.

  2. Probably be best if you left your bias at home in your underwear drawer.

    EC is fine with this,meets all their criteria and the votes will count.

    I know I know, the whole world is against the poor CPC, media et al.

    I vote CPC but the right is as goofy as the left. (well the fringe are)

  3. It sort of explains the hounding of the Conservatives on the so called "In & Out Scandal."

  4. The solution to this is easy.

    The CPC should annouce loudly and often that they will be happy to comply with the new rules set out by Elections Canada.

    They will endeavor to have partisan material at every polling station and will also help set up ad-hoc polling stations where ever they feel that it is needed.

    They could call the ruling "A new blueprint for Democracy".

  5. This is why we need scrutineers at all ridings, especially in liberal incumbent ones, to oversee the vote counting. Perhaps we need to dip fingers in permanent purple ink when voting.
    Wonder how many of those students who voted illegally will head home for Easter and vote again.
    700 students ruining the reputation of all UofG students. I would not hire anyone with UofG on their resume.
    We have to make sure conservatives get out to vote, in every riding, regardless of your candidates chances in a long held coalition riding.

  6. Wonder how many of those students who voted illegally will head home for Easter and vote again.

    Are there any safeguards to prevent that from happening?

  7. Elections Canada had run this off site office for two other elections with no problem. The students had pre-registered a day or so ahead for the Special Ballot. As per:Elections Canada Online | Voting by Special Ballot
    The students should be applauded for participating in Democracy - it is their future!
    No reputations should be lost.

  8. Norma,

    Elections Canada has gone on record and said this special ballot was not pre-authorized and have discontinued the practice. To me, that means the practice is not legal.

    As to "The students should be applauded for participating in Democracy". What's next? Should we have a flying squad to go door-to-door so the little darlings who can't be bothered to vote can have their ballots hand delivered?

  9. Joanne (True Blue),

    A good question, Joanne. I share your concern.

  10. Joane & Russ
    It is my understanding that the student's Special Ballot is counted in their home riding.
    It is used by people who are away from their home riding eg Armed Forces,people traveling .
    Usually one does it by mail or by going to the nearest Elections Canada office.
    In this case Elections Canada Office in Quelph had a "mobile office" go to service 700 students.
    It is not the same as an advance poll that is held in one's riding &
    the vote stays in that riding.
    Education is a great thing!