Friday, April 1, 2011

Burlington PC Riding Association: anybody home?

The Burlington Progressive Conservative Riding Association is a prime example of what happens to a political party’s riding association when the incumbent no longer has any skin in the game. Incumbent MPP, Joyce Savoline, has decided not to run in the campaign leading up to the October 6 general election, and no where is there a clearer indication of her decision than on her riding association’s Web site at

The “home page” is totally out of date: the list of board of directors is a year old and it’s advertising a “Burlington PC AGM” for Saturday, December 11th, 2009! Under “Events” there is a message, “Currently no events are available.” Really? Will there be no nomination meeting this year? And isn’t there an Ontario PC convention of some kind in the near future? Under “News Releases” there is a complete duplication of the year-plus outdated home page.

There is no information given on how to contact the riding association or any of the board of directors. Really! in this age of electronic communication? There is contact information for MPP Joyce Savoline, of course. But twice during her term at Queen’s Park I used these data to contact her and received no response, not even an acknowledgement of receipt. I know the e-mails went through because they were acknowledged by others copied on the messages.

I went to the Web site to renew my lapsed membership online. My wife had been given a number to call for membership information by someone answering her call to the number listed under “Your Riding” on the Web site—apparently, Ms. Savoline’s constituency office. My wife called the number and left a message that we wanted to renew membership and left our telephone number. This was several days ago.

That person, said to be, “membership secretary,” has yet to return my wife’s call. Her name is not listed on the outdated directors’ list, so maybe my wife was given the wrong person’s telephone number.

Frustrated, now, I did a search on Facebook where I found the riding’s page. Sadly, though, no joy there either. The newest item on the Facebook page’s “wall” is a November 2009 item! The “Info” section of the Facebook page lists two items: the ridings Web site—sending me in a complete circle—and a reference to “Rene Papin for Burlington.” Mr. Papin is one of the candidates for the nomination to represent the riding.

Hello, is this some sort of April Fool’s joke, or have the Burlington PCs decided to give the coming election a pass?

Or could it be that the Burlington Progressive Conservative Riding Association is so flush with funds and members, it has closed it’s membership. Curious, that, since I’ve been told there are, at least, two candidates who are contesting the nomination in the riding. I wonder if they know there is no riding association, at least none with an active public face to it.

I could make further inquiries, of course, but why bother? The Burlington Provincial Liberal Association’s Web site seems up to date. Perhaps I should check them out.

Keeping simple, yet important, modern communications channels open and active would seem to be Politics 101—what am I missing here?


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  1. Russ, your comments are right on! You will see that we recently have made some changes to our web site. We will be more vigilant with updates in the future. Thanks for your interest in our Assooociation. We look forward to your help as campaign time draws near.

    Bert Radford
    Bulington Provincial P.C. Riding Association

  2. Nice to hear that someone's home, Bert :-) Thanks.

  3. Good Afternoon Russ, I was most interested to read you blog.

    As a longtime member of P.C. Burlington, I have been searching for an up-to-date constitution of the organization. In particular I am looking for the process, rules, regulaltions etc. etc. for the nomination of a candidate for our great party in this riding of Burlington.

    Alas, I am unable to find an up to date one on any web site!

    The one member, one vote, has served our members well for quite some time, and the local nomination sets us apart from the other political parties!!

    May we always stand by our foundations of value in our Party.

    Isabel Cummings

  4. Isabel, I doubt you will find the riding association's constitution or by-laws on the Internet. Usually they are kept by the secretary (Byron Walker), the president (Bert Radford) or perhaps the treasurer (Alan Harrington). It's one of those essential documents every board of directors uses to guide their actions.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


  5. Russ: Does anyone know when there is to be a meeting to choose the candidate for the PC in Burlington? I have not heard one single solitary word on this matter. Or has a chosen one already been picked via the Ivory Towers of Duncan Street?

  6. I have not heard a word, Roy. I doubt there needs to be a meeting to acclaim the candidate--not sure of the rules.

  7. Well it is now August 26 and the website for the Burlington Provincial PC's is still out of date! We have been away & do not get The Post so did not know Jane McKenna was acclaimed. Hudak isn't a convincing leader so maybe it will be best to skip this election.

  8. It's sad, really, but I've heard others say the same thing.