Saturday, March 12, 2011

We’re becoming a nation of crybabies and whiners

The times they are interesting…very interesting. Natural disasters, economic woes, wars, famines and food cost rising, to name only a few of the world’s challenges. Yet there are those among us who can take the time to be outraged by a few simple, more or less innocently delivered words. Context is everything in human discourse. If no harm is intended, none should be assumed, especially by those for whom the words were not directly intended.

If someone finds Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s use of the words “cotton pickin’” offensive, that’s their problem and not the problem of the speaker. Whites, Blacks and everything in between have worked in the mean fields of the South. No one race or colour has the exclusive moral right to claim offence. Is “ditch digger” now to be struck from polite conversation?

If we’re not careful our society will implode under the pressure of political correctness. It’s like a virus growing out of control, fed by hyper-sensitive citizens with far too much time on their hands.

Recently a CBC television personality was coerced into apologizing because he used the term “Indian giver.” Yet universities across our land are holding Israeli Apartheid Week. No apologies, though, for the real and intended offence given to the millions of Israeli citizens hurt by this egregious, untrue slur. Hmm.

Strange, is it not, that we’re super-sensitive about giving offence to Native peoples and those of Black-African descent, but celebrate slurs against the nation of the Jews, one of the freest, most democratic nations on earth?

We’re becoming a nation of crybabies and whiners, or simply political opportunists who’ll try to score sophomoric got-ya points at any cost. This sort of nonsense does nothing to enhance debate, it stifles it.


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  1. Agreed political correctness is a problem.

    The problems we are facing pale in comparison to the real issues facing other countries at this time and it puts our media to shame for their trivializing the real news.

    The same could be said for the leadership in our political parties. Where's the beef?

  2. I agree, this is getting ridiculous; we're looking for things to get offended about in order to score cheap political points. And for the record, I'm a card-carrying Conservative.

  3. how bout 'paddy wagon'