Thursday, March 10, 2011

I’ll stick with the devils we know

Stormy weather for the Conservatives in Ottawa these days, with much huffing and puffing and righteous indignation on display, and most of it could have been avoided. In tennis they call this sort of thing “unforced errors.” I think of them as some sort of sick political death wish.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Photo Credit: CBC

Yes, the opposition blows every Conservative slip out of all proportion, but it’s the Conservatives who hand them the ammunition with one mini-scandal after another. And this silly cycle repeats itself every time the Conservatives get near to majority territory in the polls.

My wife believes there’s a Liberal mole in the prime minister’s office, some Warren Kinsella sort of an agent provocateur who whispers dumb ideas into the ears of our political masters. Would be nice, wouldn’t it, if we Conservatives had someone other than ourselves to blame for what’s being allowed to go on in the capital? But the sad fact is we find ourselves with a smoking gun in our collective hands and a hole in our collective foot, and no one else in the room.

Got to really love those Grits though—well, maybe not love exactly—they call the Tories and Prime Minister Stephen Harper everything nasty they can think of, but refuse to come right out and say they’ll move no confidence in the House at their earliest opportunity. Earlier today, CBC News Network’s Suhana Meharchand tried her best to tie down Liberal House Leader David McGuinty, but couldn’t. All she really got was more political mumbo-jumbo and hyperbole—nothing definitive like, we’ll bring them down.

The fact is, under Michael Ignatieff’s leadership the Grits have become more talk than action, and I suppose we Conservatives should be grateful for that.

There are times when I’m completely fed up with the antics of our Ottawa caucus, but then I remember back to the days of the Liberals when political scandals were writ large, nothing like these Tory mini-gaffs. Not that contempt of parliament is not a big deal, it’s just that I have come to the conclusion it’s better to stick with the devils you know.

Perhaps, though, it is time to go to the polls and have Canadians decide: another four years of the Harper government or a switch back to those rascals under the ineffective leadership of Michael Ignatieff.


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  1. Milliken ruled contempt of parliament against former Liberal Cabinet Ministers, McLelland (2001) and Eggleton (2002).

    The media and Liberals have conveniently forgotten that, and are touting this ruling as historic, not!...

    Committee finding contempt will be historic, because in this minority parliament, the coalition has a majority in committee.
    Unlkie the Liberal majority committee that cleared their Ministers.

  2. All excellent points, Wilson. Thanks.