Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Duplicity, thy name is Gilles Duceppe

The federal election campaign is well underway, just spend a minute or so on Twitter and that fact becomes unmistakable. I see Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe is up to no good in Quebec trying his best to demonize Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government, calling the Conservative government “a populist, retrograde Tea Party,” and calling the prime minister a “liar.”

Curious, is it not, that that same Gilles Duceppe (pictured circa 1997)—within hours of this election campaign getting started—tried his best to equate a 2004 letter he cosigned with Stephen Harper and Jack Layton as being equivalent to the formal coalition agreement his and the Liberal and New Democrat parties hatched up in 2008 to defeat the Tories. Apparently, in 2004 Gilles Duceppe and his party were fully willing to join the Conservatives to replace the Paul Martin Liberals. No talk of PM Harper being a “liar” back then; no talk of “a populist, retrograde Tea Party” either.

No one should be surprised, of course, since the raison d’être of the Bloc Québécois is the break up of Canada. Demonizing the Tories with whom they were previously prepared to replace a Liberal government, then two and a half years later plotting with the Liberals to replace the Tories are just the sort of cynical antics one would expect from a group that wishes to destabilize our Country.

Gilles Duceppe is an opportunist: on May 11, 2007, he confirmed that he would seek the leadership of Quebec’s Parti Québécois, but the very next day he withdrew from the race. He plots to break up Canada, but seems quite prepared to accept a Canadian taxpayer-funded pension for the time he has spent in our federal parliament. He joins with the official opposition every chance he gets to defeat the governing party, then scurries back to Quebec to campaign with a multi-million dollar Canadian taxpayer subsidy so that he can return to Ottawa to cause more mischief in our House of Commons.

Only in Canada, eh?


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  1. I put a comment out to the Globe and Mail - http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/ottawa-notebook/coalition-talk-was-about-uniting-right-not-seizing-power-harper-says/article1961618

    These so called reporters should ask did Jack and Gilles lie in the press conference in 2004 - that the letter was a coalition agreement or are they lieing now? One of these stories has to be untrue.

  2. am also sick and tired of Bell Globe media's attempt to manipulate the election by their biased coverage - political hack Mendes as a constitutional expert ? - enough with the Taber/Oliver anti-Harper tag team, powerplay's focus on providing lieberal hacks to spew their venom - since when did CTV have the right to schill for the LPoC ? - bad enough that CBC is heavily biased left wing - we are left with no true reporting whatsoever

  3. The Conservatives need to take Tasha Kherridin's advice in the National today, and campaign for the majority around Quebec not through Quebec. Maybe Max Bernier was laying the ground work for this when he spoke of Quebec getting off their dependence on handouts from the rest of Canada. I noticed Duceppe saying on CTV that the Bloc do not hate Canada or Canadians. That's like a conman saying he doesn't hate his victim, just sees him as an easy mark, a patsy.

  4. For someone who wants to separate from Canada...he sure expects Canada to cough up a lot of coin for his party. If you dislike Canada so much you would think that you could come up with ways to raise their own money.

  5. So the Harper government gets kicked out of Parliament for contempt, and you accuse Duceppe of duplicity? Interesting political analysis.

  6. http://www.nationalpost.com/news/canada/Parti+Qubcois+will+public+funds+promote+sovereignty+elected+Leader/4524074/story.html
    Why are we putting up with this?