Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tories race ahead in the polls and Oda drops the ball

Just as the federal Conservatives seem to be opening a gap between themselves and Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals, another ministerial gaffe sends them into defence mode. Now I hear Conservatives on the Hill are threatening an election if the opposition keeps up its full court press against International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda. Hardly our finest moment as a party.

Hon. Beverley Oda
Minister of International Cooperation

In the final analysis, Bev Oda may have made the “right decision,” but her handling of this file puts a strain on her credibility and has damaged her to the point her colleagues will begin to soften in their support.

This issue won’t quickly fade away. The Grits and Dippers smell blood in the water  and will continue to try to force out this minister—doing so would be a coup for any opposition. PM Stephen Harper and his team can only hope they can survive the next few days with some semblance of their dignity and credibility intact and hope the media will drop the matter over the up-coming recess.

This pattern has become all too familiar: the Tories get into majority territory in the polls then promptly hand a proverbial baseball bat to the opposition and invite them to swing at will. A classic case of self-destructive behaviour and frustrating as hell for conservatives who support this otherwise well-intentioned government.


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  1. you do know this was in the back pocket of the opposition for a year it was signed in2009
    they keep track of little mishaps in case poll numbers go up for Conservatives
    I don't think the average taxpayer voter will take much notice
    As a taxpayer I am glad to see we are NOT spending money on groups that do not reflect our values as Canadians

  2. I already forgive her. Bless her in fact for for turning a seven million dollar flush into Not flush. Oda should be made minister of not spending.

  3. At least today in a members statement it was made public that the Bloc has inserted a pledge to support a coalition after next election if no majority is won.
    I think the coalition partners are hoping their continued attack will cause the PM to call an election so they don't have to back down and support the budget. Wont work.

  4. 'The Grits and Dippers smell blood in the water and will continue to try to force out this minister'

    what's new?
    Other than Josee, what female cabmin have the opps NOT bullied?

  5. the bigger issue for me are the rougue beaureacrats in CIDA, who tried to pull a fast one by creating a document that was precisely against the ministers wishes.

    Media continues to lose credibility trying to create a full blown scandal.

  6. I thought that was a rather disgraceful exhibition on Power Play by Travers and Robert Fife on Wednesday, to celebrate the unflattering and tasteless picture, that Canadian Press captured and circulated to all the news media of Bev Oda and the cigarette, which they guaranteed would be carried and shown all over by their professional ( using term very loosely) brethren – doesn’t say much for our media does it as it sinks to another low?
    For Travers and Fife to make light of this disgusting act, and their ensuing guffaws, should raise the ire of women across Canada, for this juvenile treatment and intrusion of a private moment. To think that 24 hours earlier, both Travis and Fife were lecturing politicians about tasteless and vulgar personal attacks, and that they had no place in a civilized society( do we recall the picture of Chretien that was condemned by these same two individuals), yet in this case they applauded, if not cherished, this disgraceful act. They can not deny that they were amused and relished this offensive photo and its’ resulting publicity, which they helped contribute to. Are we to assume that journalist have a different standard and code of ethics which may be even worse than that of politicians – or are these two an exception to the rule? I will believe, they are the exception, when I hear some of their brethren condemn them for their disgraceful actions, or that they sincerely apologize to all Canadians and women in particular, or preferably both.
    Any journalist worth his salt would have condemned and despised this act of yellow journalism.
    I am reminded of the old saying “I hear the laughter of the vacant minds”
    Does CTV and Power Play owe their viewers an apology – you decide?