Friday, January 7, 2011

Another reason for CBC’s Don Newman to get his shorts in a knot?

Back last June Don Newman, retired CBC host of the old political TV program, Politics, was surprisingly and unattractively aggressive on a segment of Evan Solomon’s Power & Politics show with Kory Teneycke, the then vice president of Development of Quebecor Media. Newman and Solomon ganged up on Teneycke, demanding he assure them that Quebecor’s new all-news TV venture would be fair and balanced like the CBC.

At that time, Mr. Newman was full of righteous indignation over what he saw as the very real prospect of un-balanced news coverage to come from a Kory Teneycke-led 24-hour news channel, and wrote on the CBC News site:

“In the U.S., Fox News has been hugely polarizing. It specializes in drive-by attacks and misrepresentations, and is positively Orwellian at times, claiming to be ‘fair and balanced’ while implying that its competitors aren’t. …

“Do they [Conservatives] really need a right-wing news channel urging them to be more rabid and stirring up the party’s hard-core base… .”

That piece was entitled: Fox News North, The absolute last thing this country needs, which gives you an idea of the Newman-styled “balanced” tone of it.

Then, this past September Mr. Teneycke announced his departure from the venture. His role seemed to have become somewhat of a lightening rod for left-wing acrimony, and there was even talk of an Ottawa police investigation prompted by Toronto lawyer Clayton Ruby and, a U.S.-based left-wing pressure group that had tangled with Mr. Teneycke. Nothing seems to have come from the police investigation other than over-the-top left-wing hyperbole.

Now we hear from The Globe and Mail that Kory Teneycke is expected to resume the helm at the Sun TV News 24-hour channel next week. The Don Newman froth level must be at a high on hearing what, to him, must be distressing news.

I for one am pleased to hear of Mr. Teneycke’s return to the news channel.


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  1. Looks like Newman is out of a job but Kory isn't. Who's the loser now?

  2. I agree that it will be a pleasure to see KT back where he belongs and Don Newman be damned.
    The CBC clan must be shell-shocked to learn of the good news at FOX.
    Where does Krista fit into the mix? That will be interesting as well, but things will drastically change for the best.
    Get over it CBC & CTV you have more then met your match now.
    Go KT!

    E Mac/

  3. I would like to know how many folks, besides me, have signed up to be viewers of the new channel? I would imagine that the numbers would be large and frightening to CBC/CTV.

  4. "I would like to know how many folks, besides me, have signed up to be viewers of the new channel?"

    Where does one sign up?

  5. Alberta Girl, with your TV cable provider, I guess.

  6. Newman has to be disappointed that communism may not win after all. (real conservative)