Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Grits vote with Tories on Afghanistan mission extension

Liberal MPs joined forces with PM Stephen Harper’s Conservatives to vote down a Bloc Québécois motion condemning the government for breaking its promise to withdraw Canadian troops entirely by next July. In so doing, the House of Commons has given an indirect endorsement of the government's decision to extend Canada’s military training mission in Afghanistan. The Bloc motion was defeated 209-81, with New Democrats and Bloquistes in support.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that 950 Canadian soldiers will remain in Afghanistan until 2014 in a strictly non-combat role in which they will help train the Afghan military.

Some Liberal MPs were widely expected to support the Bloc motion in a show of disagreement with Michael Ignatieff’s decision to support the Tory’s stand on Afghan. Apparently that was not the case and any dissent among the Liberal caucus remains behind closed doors.

I’m pleased to see political parties like the Grits and the Tories coming together in the best interests of Canada. Of course, we couldn’t expect anything like that from the separatist Bloc, who want to split up the country, or the socialist New Democrats, who are far more loyal to international anti-American movements than in Canada’s national interests.


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