Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Will the Democrats never learn?

Despite suffering massive election losses this month, House Democrats in the United States appear to want to keep their leadership team intact, with Nancy Pelosi as the party’s Minority House Leader. This despite the Democrats having lost more than 60 House of Representatives’ seats to Republicans.

Today House Democrats voted 129-68 to defeat an effort by Ms. Pelosi’s critics to postpone the leadership election until next month.

There are, apparently, hard feelings among some Democrats who believe that Ms. Pelosi is the wrong person under whom to rebuild the party in time for the 2012 elections. Enough others, however, are poised to support their left-wing favourite in her fight to defeat Rep. Heath Shuler, a moderate.

It now seems Ms. Pelosi will win the top spot handily.

Some people never learn.


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  1. Nancy Pelosi... the gift that keeps on giving. I'm quite happy she retained the leadership - it'll only sink the Dems even lower every time she opens her mouth. Yes indeed, a fine outcome for the US