Sunday, November 14, 2010

Have the Conservatives promoted unelected political staff over cabinet ministers?

Is it just me, or were other Canadians insulted that an unelected political staffer was selected by Prime Minister Harper to announce the change in policy vis-à-vis our post-2011 military role in Afghanistan. Under what convention is PM Stephen Harper’s communications director, Dimitri Soudas, the proper person to break such important news.

Where was Defence Minister Peter MacKay or Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon or for that matter, the prime minister himself? Is this a message that these ministers count for nothing?

I for one don’t care what Dimitri Soudas has to say. I want to here news like this from a minister of the crown.

What the hell is going on in Ottawa?


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  1. It might just be me but it looked like Peter may have been busy with his date....

    I don't see a massive shift. The combat mission as per voted in 2008 is on plan. It ends.

    The Government does not to consult the opposition regarding the deployment of 750 trainers plus 250 support staff.
    The only area is the cost of this will need approval and the opposition may spike the ball if they feel they are not being given enough information regarding the training.

    We have trainers in many regions with law enforcement, aid etc and it has not required a specific motion in parliament.

    This would be a very big problem if the government needed to get a vote for routine matters that should not be politicized.

    Do you remember how Ralph Goodale tried to suggest Parliament must be brought back to deal with Haiti?

    It does not.

  2. Must we sink to lefty nit picking BS? I am sure he was instructed on what to say. Do you want the CEO of CM to personally inform you of a recall should there be one?

    Rob C

  3. The centralization of power in HArper's PMO is absolute. OR the cabinet bench strength is so weak that harper has to go with unelected people with talent. Either way, its an ugly mess.

  4. A post at Unambiguously Ambidextrous along similar, though broader, lines; do read the comments:

    "The strange death of the Conservative Canadian cabinet"