Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fantino by default

Quite some debate underway over former OPP boss Julian Fantino’s candidacy in Vaughan. Several Tory bloggers seem to be lining up on both sides of the debate, and I’m one of them who believes Mr. Fantino was, at least in part, responsible for the uneven enforcement of the criminal code as it related to actions at Caledonia during the current native occupation.

Some Tory bloggers apparently believe Mr. Fantino should be given a pass since he was only following the orders of Premier Dalton McGuinty—at least that’s what I take away from the debate. But that’s too simplistic a conclusion.

While there’s no doubt that, as premier, Dalton McGuinty must accept full responsibility for the shame that is the native occupation in Caledonia, Julian Fantino must also shoulder his own portion of criticism for being a major player in that shameful series of events, during which native and non-native Canadians were not treated equally under the law.

It seems to me that to prevent violence, or even the threat of it, OPP officers allowed natives to break the law while denying residents and outside Canadians the right to protest the lawlessness (ie., the sort of things outlined in Christie Blatchford’s recent book: Helpless: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy and How the Law Failed All of Us).

The debate over Mr. Fantino’s candidacy at Vaughan should not be a matter of deciding who is to blame for Caledonia, but rather whether Mr. Fantino’s part in that sorry affair tells us anything about the sort of MP and cabinet minister he’s likely to make. I believe it does, and it does not do him any credit at all.

The above notwithstanding, the voters of Vaughan have an even more important assessment to make: they have to decide whether his faults make him a lesser candidate than his opponents. My sense is that, despite his obvious shortcomings, Mr. Fantino is still the best candidate and should get the nod on Monday.

I do, however, shudder at the thought of Mr. Fantino being a future Public Safety minister.


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  1. Apart from my usual "Send in the Tanks" view of Caladonia, I do have to realize that if that was not handled with kid gloves it would have turned into a blood bath, because that is the nature of open confrontation with both sides armed and at close range.

    Fantino may be a lot of things, but incompetent is not one of them and I'm glad to see him running. Here's hoping he wins. 30 years in Vaughn certainly make him a resident.

  2. I'm no fan of Fantino's, however if you want a majority government there are bound to be MP's that you don't much like. No I don't think he should be given a pass on Caledonia, but I'll take the win in Vaughn, as the lesser of two evils. The opposition parties have a higher douchebag quotient than the Gov't.

  3. Public Safety? I don't think so. Vic Toews, to date has been a great yes man for Harper; has done nothing to displease him.

    No, it'll probably be one of those junior ministries that just serves as figure head. Perhaps environment. We know that is of zero importance to Harper.

  4. It also tells us a lot about Harper as well. None of it good.

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  6. Russ's principles in summary: GO TEAM BLUE GO TEAM BLUE

    People like you brought the ruin of Canada's Right. Maybe you should just shut up.

  7. Hey Russ:

    Just take a pass on my earlier submission.

    I can see clearly now that my comments will not be published on your blog.

    My comments are my intellectual property. The publication or use of my submissions by any persons without my written permission is expressly prohibited. Violations of this mandate will bet met with a vigorous and enthusiastic response.

    Cocked and Locked

  8. McGuinty may have been the evil hand behind the Caledonia native insurrection but it wasn't McGuinty's signature on the threatening letter sent to the Caledonia counsel.

  9. Cocked and Locked,

    I've removed your earlier comment (Nov 28 @ 9:06 PM) at your request.

    All comments are moderated before being published on the blog. As soon as I reviewed yours I published it. FYI, I reject only about 1 in every 200 comments.

    Consequently, I can see no justification for your subsequent comment: "I can see clearly now that my comments will not be published on your blog."

    This is a one-man operation and comments are only reviewed and published while I'm on line, which does not usually include Sunday evenings--especially Grey Cup Sunday.

    As to this warning of yours: "My comments are my intellectual property. The publication or use of my submissions by any persons without my written permission is expressly prohibited. Violations of this mandate will bet met with a vigorous and enthusiastic response." What the hell is THAT all about. If you don't want your comments published, don't post them. Seems simple to me.

  10. Well, well, Mr. Campbell, it appears that I have touched a nerve. ."What the hell is THAT all about?”

    The Fantino candidacy in Vaughn was a very timely issue. Speed was of the essence as the electorate were headed to the polls the following day. I had surmised that interested TROLLS would be lurking on Blogging Tories. Your negative comments toward Fantino and his campaign caught my eye, my thoughts were that in this most important of by elections, the thin edge of the wedge as it were in the GTA it would appear on the surface at least that my comments would be best served on a blog such as yours. In that more of the undecided, pro Liberal yet wanting a change group might read.

    I had proceeded to post my comments too hastily only to come to the realization that all submissions had to be cleared before publication by none other than yourself. Wow, who died and made you KING? I wrote letters to the editor of many papers in the pre internet years. Perhaps one letter in ten of mine would be published. This was in large part was due to the fact that my opinion ran counter to the editor’s view. Enter the internet and blogging, Mr. Campbell I blog lots. This is my first experience with the owner of a blog who pompously insists on critiquing, analyzing, and ultimately passing judgment on my opinions before he so graciously deems those said comments to be worthy of publication.

    My experience with blogging is that the owner of the blog writes an article, people respond to that article, good, bad, or indifferent. The notion that my submissions have to be vetted by the Lord and Master of the blog is somewhat distasteful to me. As to the disclaimer, I will admit I did use a little poetic license with regard to the wording. I felt that I had to do something to compete with your disclaimer which I must admit would stand the test of time at Osgoode Hall no less.

    But I blame myself for not investigating you further prior to submitting my response. It is very clear to me that your very detailed instructions and caveats are written in such a manner so as to intimidate submitters into compliance with your very lofty edicts.

    I asked that my first submission be withdrawn so that I could proceed with the business at hand the evening before the by election. The distribution of my comments would not do too much good if my posting were to be made public at this time of day on the day of the by election now would they?

    With regard to the justification for my comment: "I can see clearly now that my comments will not be published on your blog." My opinion is that you are somewhat disingenuous with regard to attempting to so thinly veil your motives on this site.

    So you are a one man band good for you, and a Grey Cup fan well that certainly qualifies you as right wing supporter. I watched the game also while blogging on multiple sites. I would with all due respect Mr. Campbell suggest that if you are unable to blog about the single most important by election in this country the night before the by election then do not submit the article in the late afternoon and then shut down for the day. It seems simple to me.

    Cocked and Locked.

  11. I'm no fan of Fantino, but as it appears more than likely he'll win,let's hope Harper DOES put him in a Ministry where he can redeem himself and NOT p*** off the Party members.

    Environment would be a good fit,and I look forward to Fantino presenting legislation to cut out all carbon taxes,green fees, sequestration projects,etc.

    If he'd take that every necessary action, perhaps his critics could feel less antagonistic toward him for Caledonia.