Friday, November 19, 2010

Credit where due to David Suzuki

This writer is definitely not a fan of David Suzuki. To his credit, however, he has reportedly withdrawn his endorsement of a group sponsoring George Galloway’s upcoming speech in Vancouver. A founding member of—which rented space in Vancouver and is sponsoring Galloway’s speech on Monday—claims she received Dr. Suzuki’s endorsement in the lead-up to the 2003 Iraq War.

Another group has organized a campaign, however, and they contacted sponsors. And according to a spokesperson for his foundation, after receiving an e-mail from, Dr. Suzuki twice asked that his name be removed from the website—the name was subsequently removed. The Suzuki foundation’s spokesperson Ian Hanington said Dr. Suzuki “wasn’t aware of the organization and doesn’t recall ever endorsing them.” He said, furthermore, the Suzuki group “does not get involved in Middle East politics.”

Why any anti-war group would resort to using someone as odious as George Galloway is beyond me. The public and media attention he attracts is the sort that is unlikely to do them credit.

Dr. Suzuki has done the right thing here and should be applauded.


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