Friday, October 29, 2010

When justice and common sense are in harmony…

How sweet it is when justice and old-fashioned common sense are in harmony. Mr. Justice Ramez Khawly of the Ontario Court of Justice, in a packed courtroom gave his ruling: David Chen, Toronto’s vigilante grocer, is not guilty on all charges.

Back in May 2009, police charged Mr. Chen with assault and forcible confinement after he and a couple of other men caught a shoplifter and tied him up while they waited for the police to arrive. Since then Mr. Chen has become somewhat of a hero to many across Canada—leading two MPs to introduce private members’ bills to amend provisions in the Criminal Code dealing with citizens’ arrest.

In his decision, Mr. Justice Khawly reportedly “accused many [members of the public and media] of attempting to manipulate public sympathy for the grocery to waylay the course of justice and called on them to curb their criticism of Toronto’s justice system.”

Well, if the police had used better judgment in the first place, criticism would not have been needed, and the justice system would not have been needlessly tested.

Thankfully, common sense has prevailed.


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