Monday, October 18, 2010

Warren Kinsella joins the Sun?

The way the political world evolves can sometimes astonish me. Take for instance the news that Toronto-based lawyer, author and Liberal pundit—some prefer “attack dog”—Warren Kinsella has, in his words, “become a freelance Sun columnist and prospective Sun TV pundit.”

Kinsella is a lightening rod for right-wing invective, and frequently deserves—make that earns—what he gets. But, give the fellow credit, to write for an acknowledged conservative newspaper takes character for someone with his reputation and political history.

Of course, we don’t expect the “Jackal,” as I’ve heard him called, to change his spots (or should that be stripes?), that would be such a waste of his obvious talent. Few progressives get under my thin political skin more than does Warren Kinsella. Having said that, I never miss the opportunity to hear him square off against a conservative pundit, giving as good as he gets and winning his share of verbal joists.

I hope that, if the Sun’s proposed all-news channel ever gets off the ground, Kinsella will have a regular opportunity to counter-balance the conservative views of which we’re likely to get plenty. Watching paint dry would be more interesting and stimulating than a 24/7 news outfit giving us only one point of view, even if its a conservative one.

I am offended by the excessive bias towards the political left shown by CBC and CTV networks. I’d be no less offended if we got the same level of bias to the right from a conservative network. What I want is to hear conservative thought and philosophy openly expressed and respected. That it might also be debated, tested and challenged by opposing views is an added bonus.

Congratulations on your new gig, Warren Kinsella.


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  1. "Warren Kinsella joins the Sun?"

    It's like Willie Coyote joining Peta!

  2. Totally agree with your opinion. Well said!

  3. cannot agree with you on this one - Kinsella has always shown a penchant for making up facts, and then cherry-picking the most damning to slag his right wing opponents with, while ignoring the original topic - there are so many other left or liberal commentators who have much more reasoned arguments to present, and would elevate the discussion substantially

  4. I'm with antfrm. Kinsella is objectionable. I won't watch if he's on.

  5. Kinsella is boring and predictable like yesterday's meatloaf. I guess Sun TV will be the same.

  6. I live in the 905 outside Toronto. The National Post does not provide a newspaper on Sunday or Mondays in the summer. I had planned to subscribe to the Sunday Sun for something to read and for TV listings that the Post has abandoned.

    I won't now.

  7. Thanks for the comments, chief. I will try not to disappoint. Have a good one.

    Warren K

  8. Russ,

    it's this kind of post that has so many of us tuning into your blog.

    if only our leaders were as thoughtful and honest in their opinions and policies.

    i share the same dislike for Warren's opinions, but respect for the way in which they're delivered. IMHO, the Jackel is always better than the Snake or Weasel.

    good on ya, sir.