Thursday, October 7, 2010

Something stinks on the banks of the Rideau Canal

The Bloc Québécois, aided and abetted by all other parties in the House of Commons, successfully tabled a motion last week that must have sent a chill through media circles across our land. The motion tabled by Bloc Québécois MP Pierre Paquette expressed “profound sadness at the prejudice displayed and the stereotypes employed by Maclean’s magazine to denigrate the Quebec nation.” Readers will recall that Maclean’s ran a cover story arguing that Quebec is the “most corrupt province” in Canada.

Apparently, this all-party cooperation went even deeper than I had first realized, for now I read that the NDP’s Thomas Mulcair—among the most self-righteous politicians in the House—claimed in a speech at the NDP’s federal council on Saturday that he worked with the Bloc in drafting the motion and that he is responsible for its key wording.

So what? some may ask. Well, isn’t this is further proof of the tight, chumminess that seems to exist between the separatist Bloc and the socialist New Democrats? Moreover, today Don Martin of the National Post tells us of reports that Gilles Duceppe boasted he was the December 2008 Lib-NDP coalition’s catalyst. Imagine the separatist Bloc going to the Dippers and the Grits with a proposal to defeat the newly elected Conservatives and the Stéphane Dion and Jack Layton buying into the scheme.

Ain’t that sweet? They all got together to curry favour with Quebec’s voters and the rest of Canada be damned. The Bloc’s motion was an almost unprecedented censure of the press by our parliament. And that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and official opposition leader Michael Ignatieff supported this affront to freedom of expression tells us a lot about the sort of people who claim to represent Canadians.

The Bloc is in parliament to spread dissent and to help make the House dysfunctional, and our other parties can find common ground with them? Disgraceful!

Perhaps we do need a Tea-Party-like movement in Canada to begin to shove out the career politicians in Ottawa, for their loyalties sure seem to be to power, to each other and to fat-cat pensions and plum appointments and not, as we should expect, to the people of Canada.


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  1. See how the Liberals and left truly value free speech? The truth doesn't sit well with these people and never has. That is why the media is almost entirely left wing, it wouldn't be allowed to survive otherwise. So who are the real left wingers? It isn't the unions, it isn't the teachers, it is our so-called elites. (real conservative)

  2. Actually the truth is Ontario is the most corrupt province but the lazy journalists at Maclean's won't touch that sacred cow. And the real scandal in Quebec is not the construction industry but rather the cover-up by the Liberals during the provincial election of the billions of dollars lost by the Quebec Pension fund due to its managers taking undue risks.