Friday, October 15, 2010

The Omar Khadr affair may finally be coming to a close

This morning’s National Post is full of articles suggesting that Canadian-born Omar Khadr will plead guilty to all war crimes charges he faces, including murder, and is, apparently, ready to serve a total of eight years in prison, seven of which may well be served in Canada.

Should this occur, we’ll finally have a sort of resolution to a sticky legal issue over how Canadians feels about “enemy combatants” as the United States has dubbed so-called “unlawful combatants” captured in Afghanistan and elsewhere. These unlawful combatants are persons who the United States believes do not qualify for prisoner-of-war status under the Geneva Conventions, such as alleged members of al Qaeda or of the Taliban.

Had the 15-year-old Khadr killed a policeman in Toronto because of his political beliefs—or those of his father—he would have been tried for murder and, perhaps, terrorist-related crimes. And, despite his age, he may very well have been transferred to adult court and received an adult sentence under Canadian law.

But because Khadr was captured in the village of Ayub Kheyl, Afghanistan after allegedly killing an American soldier, many Canadians want him treated as a “child soldier” and given the benefit of international law.

Curious how this confessed murderer and terrorist has gotten such sympathy from a cross-section of Canadians.

A Canadian civilian throwing a grenade at a Canadian ally in an armed conflict of which Canada was a party. Is this not treasonous? Do we owe anything to those who take up arms against us or our allies? I think not.

Terrorism is a modern scourge that strikes at us without warning and without mercy. Innocent lives are snuffed out because madmen decide their cause is just and any means justifies their ends. Yet, in Canada, no act is so terrible someone won’t have sympathy for the perpetrator, especially if the victim is an American.

I hope Omar Khadr rots in an American jail. I feel no sympathy whatever for the man.


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  1. Harper keeps talking about how tough and inflexible he is on terrorists/crime: now is the time to put-up or forever shut-up sir! A lot of family friendly conservative voters are watching. If the fanatical animal is repatriated to Canada some terrorist sympathizing liberal judge will find a way to release him within a couple of years, and he will be free to slaughter our kids.

    Us legitimate small-c conservatives, who once formed the foundation for Mr. Harper’s campaign for the party leadership and ultimately the Prime Minister ship, have been very much conscious of and exceedingly critical of Harper’s fiscal and social exorbitant plunge to the left. However, even given his liberal plunge, we always presumed that he would never calculatingly place our young sons/daughters in jeopardy of terrorist’s attacks. Unfortunately, we once again overestimated Harper, who according to media reports, is about to consent to repatriate Khadr, an extremely committed, fanatical terrorist animal who will confess to war crimes, to our country where some far left, terrorist sympathizing judge will allow the extremely dangerous freak to live on our sons/daughters street. If this sick animal was to return to Canada he would no doubt obtain credit for time served and then receive additional time-off, rather than serve a complete sentence which no Canadian does in our soft on crime/terrorism criminal system.

    How would left wing, terrorist sympathizing unpatriotic politicians, judges and the left-bias, unfair and unbalanced media like to imagine a freed vicious, unrepentant terrorist like Khadar living on the same Canadian street as their very young, very innocent, very vulnerable grandchildren? I wouldn’t want this terrorist living on my daughters’ street. What self-proclaimed compassionate, concerned politician would want to be accountable for permitting a sadistic terrorist to live on his daughters’ street?

    The terrorist sympathizing left refuse to acknowledge that Khadr is not a "child soldier" since he is on no account a “soldier” and has never worn any countries’ uniform. It’s a repulsive abuse to legitimate Canadian soldiers who are fighting and dying for freedom and liberty in Afghanistan to label this fanatical terrorist a “soldier” and our PM must never join that crowd of imbeciles. Why do the extreme leftwing, unpatriotic Liberal, NDP and Bloc politicians, and the left-bias, unfair and unbalanced media lead by CBC’s affirmative action bimbos detest our Canadians troops, and instead, venerate terrorists?

    Surely even our left slithering PM, who likes to promote himself as being tough on crime/terrorism, will continue to resist any and all pressures, including Obama’s, to bring this terrorist to Canada. If he was to kiss Obama’s butt and repatriate this terrorist animal to Canada one of our numerous extreme left-wing liberal judges, would formulate an excuse, promoted by Taliban Ig & Jack, to release him and thus allow this anomalous fanatic to follow-up on his radical career on someone’s daughter’s street.


  2. There is a simple way to treat Khadr. Bring him to Canada. As soon as he steps into Canada, arrest him and charge him with treason. The law is pretty clear on what constitutes treason, and it's pretty clear that he broke that particular law. Try him, convict him, lock him away for the rest of his life.

  3. What I find really repulsive is the hypocrisy of the lunatic left. These are the same people that say a 14 year old is capable enough to decide if they should undergo medical treatment for cancer, to have an abortion without their parents' consent or to decide if the should have sexual relations with a 45 year old. In the case of this 15 year old terrorist the child should not be held accountable for his action because because of his age.

    Just shows how incapable the left is in being able to put a logical case forward to support their position. I hope these bed wetters don't embarrass themselves again by walking off the set because of what I said..

  4. Omar Khadr = child soldier. A child should definitely be given the right to make their own decisions but when a child is either brainwashed, drugged or pressured into doing something then what they do or have done is no longer their decision. Omar Khadr could have possibly thrown the grenade (is there any evidence to prove this? Any pictures, videos or real witnesses??) and if he did, he threw it in a war torn country as a child. He is and was a child soldier. As per the UNCRC (that CANADA SIGNED), Omar Khadr should have been brought back to Canada (that he is a CITIZEN of) and treated with psychiatric help. He should not have been put in an infamous jail known for violating prisoners rights.

    I'm not saying, terrorism is right but taking a child and sticking them in a jail where he is going to be abused mentally, physically, verbally and quite possibly even sexually is beyond wrong. It goes against what Canada is known for and what Canadians believe in. If we were the US and hadn't signed and ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child, then the Omar Khadr case would have been a little bit more understandable but definitely not okay but as a country that did sign and ratify the UNCRC, this is appalling.