Friday, October 29, 2010

Michael Ignatieff: I’m shocked!

Can this really be true? According to the Alberta Ardvark blog, “In the 40th Parliament, 3rd session (March 2010 - Present) out of the 125 recorded divisions, Michael Ignatieff was recorded as absent a total 96 times which works out to him missing votes 76% of the time.”

It’s shocking that any member of parliament could miss votes 76 per cent of the time. But it’s egregiously so when the leader of the official opposition does it after he has famously led a nationwide campaign against the proroguing of Parliament on the grounds it prevented MPs from doing their jobs.

Well let’s not be too critical. With that many missed votes, Mr. Ignatieff is giving the Conservatives a nod and a wink that they’re getting the job done just fine and his is not really needed.


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  1. Michael Ignatieff, not absent enough!

  2. Now if only he would miss the other 24% the country would have one less leftist twit to worry about.

  3. Some leader this man is, hunh! That is the American "Hunh" and not the Canadian EH!

    Apologies to most Americans is due here. No insult to Americans just an insult to Ignatieff.

  4. His poor attendance will be a campaign issue. Count on it.