Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Michael Ignatieff and his gang that cannot shoot (or talk) straight

Of course we don’t know for sure since Michael Ignatieff seems to change his mind with each change in the phase of the moon, but the intrepid leader of the federal Liberals seems to be advocating home-care for the sick regardless of whether the home environment is a healthy one.

A case in point is the well publicized—by the Grits—Website brochure entitled, The Liberal Family Care Plan, which on page 4 shows what I assume is an example of a typical family unit that will receive benefits under the Liberals latest give-away.

Nothing unusual there? Well the chap on the right was originally pictured with a lit cigarette between his fingers. After deserved criticism, the phony-baloney Grits have removed the cigarette to give a false impression that the home environment of this family unit is a healthy one.

Why advocate sending a sick person home to a cigarette smoke contaminated environment to recuperate? Only the insensitive clods at Liberal Party headquarters would see that as okay. An only the morally bankrupt would then see as okay leaving that family picture in the brochure with the cigarette Photoshopped out to mislead future viewers.

Undoubtedly, had the Liberals not been publicly criticized, the cigarette would have stayed in the picture telling us how they truly view the world: smoking is okay and lying about it is also okay.

Scorpions sting, Liberal politicians lie.


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  1. Wow! You're right! This whole home-care idea will be a fiasco because somebody was smoking in a picture! Let's take all the kids away from the stay-at home parents and make sure they are put in safe smoke-free daycares too!

  2. The Liberals are proposing providing $1500/yr towards home care for the elderly. Hmm, home care costs $25/hr. $1500 will buy 60 hours of care, or 2.5 days of 24/day hour care. 2 1/2 days ... big wow.