Friday, October 29, 2010

A Liberal who understands the danger of our human rights commissions

Akaash Maharaj is CEO of Equine Canada. He has served as National Policy Chair of the Liberal Party of Canada, as a member of the party's governing National Executive, and as one of the authors of their Red Book platform.

In the following video, this articulate Grit gives a marvelous defence of freedom of expression, a must see.



  1. Thank you for bringing this video to our attention
    can we send it to Prime Minister Stephen Harper?
    Blazing Cat Fur is under attack he could use our help

    Akaash Maharaj has got it right and knows about that which he speaks
    the most powerful description of the need to protect human rights that I have listened to


  2. It's too bad that Harper has vowed not to amend the CHR Act, has increased the number of CHRC employees to the most they've ever had and has increased the CHRC budget to the largest it's ever been.

  3. As you say, Ted, it's too bad.

  4. I think that was the "I have a dream" speech for our country and our time. And from a Liberal no less! Who would ever have guessed?