Monday, October 25, 2010

Khadr pleads guilty

Today, Omar Khadr admitted to a U.S. military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay that he committed war-crimes, including throwing a grenade that killed a U.S. medic in Afghanistan in 2002. With his guilty plea, he will, apparently, avoid a possible life sentence that could have resulted had he pressed on with his trial.

According to military justice, Khadr’s military jury will have an opportunity to deliver its own sentence, and he will receive the lesser of his plea agreement or the jury sentence.

Khadr is the last Western citizen to be held at Guantanamo and the only person who has been charged in connection with the death of an American in Afghanistan.

I have no sympathy for the young man or his family. They chose terrorism over a peaceful life in Canada, and it did not work out well for them. That’s life: As you sow, so shall you reap. And I’ll not waste my or readers’ time debating whether or not he’s a child soldier.

At 15, I was quite capable of deciding what was right and what was wrong; I assume he too knew the difference. In the fog of battle, he could have aimed high, so to speak, so it’s highly unlikely he was forced to kill anyone. Much of the outpouring of sympathy for him has more to do with anti-Harper sentiment here in Canada and anti-Americanism in general, i.e., politics as usual, and I’m not buying it.


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  1. With his admission to killing an American soldier plus making and planting IED's "when" he comes back to Canada he should be charged and convicted with treason for taking up arms against Canada and our allies.

    Rob C

  2. Harper keeps talking about how tough and inflexible he is on terrorists/crime: now is the time to put-up or forever shut-up sir; a lot of family friendly conservative voters are watching. If the fanatical animal is repatriated to Canada some terrorist sympathizing liberal judge or parole board will find a way to release him within a couple of years, and he will be free to slaughter our kids.

    The government must not repatriate Khadr, an acknowledge terrorist, who is an extremely committed, fanatical animal, to our country where some far left, terrorist sympathizing judge or parole board will allow the exceedingly dangerous freak to live on our sons/daughters street after serving one-third of his sentence. If we had a genuine conservative PM, this war criminal freak would be spending the rest of his life in jail, if he was not put to death.

    How would left wing, terrorist sympathizing politicians, judges and the left-bias media, led by the left-bias Globe and Mail and the CBC, like to imagine a freed vicious, unrepentant terrorist like Khadar living on the same Canadian street as their young, innocent, vulnerable grandchildren? The terrorist sympathizing left refuse to acknowledge that Khadr is not a "child soldier" since has never worn any countries’ uniform. It’s a repulsive abuse to legitimate Canadian soldiers who are fighting and dying for freedom and liberty in Afghanistan to label this fanatical terrorist a “soldier” and our PM must never join that crowd of imbeciles. Why do the extreme leftwing, unpatriotic Liberal, NDP and Bloc politicians, and the left-bias, unfair and unbalanced media lead by CBC’s affirmative action bimbos detest our Canadians troops, but venerate terrorists?

    Surely our left slithering PM, who likes to promote himself as being tough on crime/terrorism, will continue to resist any and all pressures, including Obama’s, to bring this terrorist to Canada. If he was to kiss Obama’s butt and repatriate this terrorist animal to Canada one of our numerous extreme left-wing liberal judges or parole board would surely formulate an excuse, promoted by Taliban Ig & Jack, to release him and thus allow this anomalous fanatic to follow-up on his radical career on someone’s daughter’s street.


  3. Maybe Chretien could make yet another plea...

  4. I agree to the charge of treason or deportation but please take his family with him.

  5. Almost anyone held for 8 years in a concentration camp is going to "confess" to crimes, if a confession is what gets them out of the camp. This happens all the time in Communist countries.

    All kinds of people in North Korea "confess" all the time. It is sad that you want North Korea style justice here in Canada.