Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Justin Trudeau endorses George Smitherman

The former Liberal MPP and provincial cabinet minister, George Smitherman, brought in federal Liberal celebrity MP Justin Trudeau to endorse him for mayor of Toronto. Trudeau is MP for Papineau, in Montreal so it does seem rather odd he’d lend his name to a candidate in a municipal election some 300 miles away.

But he did. And I’m certainly glad he did. For without him to bring us up to date on international affairs, I can’t imagine where I’d be. Trudeau enlightened us thus:

“Around the world, there’s a battle going on between the politics of fear and division, and the politics of hope and responsibility.

“Canadians are better than that. Torontonians are better than that. We will not be divided. We will not be turned against ourselves. We will not sit and fear and cower about what the future may hold.”

Such insight, such wisdom. What a phony this guy is.

What Justin Trudeau failed to enlighten Torontonians about was how George Smitherman planned to balance Toronto’s books—without further ruinous tax increases, user fees and TTC fare increases. Perhaps Smitherman actually does plan to practice “the politics of hope and responsibility.” But if he runs the City of Toronto as shoddily as he did the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for the province of Ontario, God help Toronto and those who pay its bills.

Or what about the time he was chief of staff and campaign manager to one-time Mayor of Toronto, Barbara Hall, then widely regarded as an unofficial candidate of the New Democratic Party? Hardly an endorsement for sound fiscal management. He may be a Liberal in name, but he doesn’t seem to mind supporting those with socialist roots. Just what Toronto needs: more unions, more pay increases, more staff.

The Central Ontario Building Trades announced its endorsement of Mr. Smitherman yesterday. That should be enough to send chills up the back of most Torontonians. This is the same body that backed outgoing Mayor David Miller two elections in a row.


  1. Deficit spending is hope and responsiblity?? Liberals really are warped. (real conservative)

  2. Problem is it is not just Torontonians paying their bill it is the rest of us in Ontario as well. We all subsidise the TTC among other things. Smitherman is probably hoping his buddies at QP will keep doing that if re elected.