Saturday, October 30, 2010

Helpless: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, and How the Law Failed All of Us

The best thing the Globe and Mail newspaper has going for it, Christie Blatchford, appeared for the full hour on the The Michael Coren Show last evening to talk about her new book, Helpless, sub-titled Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, and How the Law Failed All of Us. Pretty compelling television from a show that’s too often ho-hum.

Ms. Blatchford did a great job of reminding us of the shameful events surrounding the illegal occupation of the Douglas Creek Estates by a handful of individuals from the nearby Six Nations reserve and from elsewhere in Canada and the United States.

Douglas Creek Estates was a residential project under construction at Caledonia, a small community near Hamilton, Ontario. Locals claiming to be aboriginals invaded the project and a nearby strip of land claiming it as their own—through some sort of aboriginal land claim. They were later joined by likeminded individuals from outside the community.

What a nightmare. What an abject failure of Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario government to provide equal protection to all equally under the law.

Residents living nearby were made to pass through native barricades, and face demands to show native-issued “passports.” Occasionally they were threatened with body searches and routinely subjected to threats and abuse. At its worst, the situation deteriorated into lawlessness, much of which occurred under the very noses of the Ontario Provincial Police. Residents were even forbidden by police from flying the Canadian flag anywhere near the illegal occupation, an area often festooned with native flags and pennants.

The OPP, meanwhile, merely observed and made videos for future action. Arrests they did make, were made weeks or months later.

But the aboriginals won: Dalton McGuinty used taxpayer money to buy out the housing developer and effectively handover the whole works to the thugs occupying it. No due process at all from our premier.

Knee-deep in this shameful affair was the new Tory candidate and former OPP commissioner Julian Fantino. Mr Fantino is expected to contest a by-election for Vaughan, a city north of Toronto. I hope the voters of that community read Ms. Blatchford’s book to learn of the questionable judgment exercised by this candidate.

I plan to buy the book.


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  1. Enough with blaming Fantino. How about Squinty McGuinty? He did not show up once in Caledonia; whereas John Tory about 13 times.

    Indeed, the police might have done something, but everyone's touchy since Ipperwash and Dudley George.

    A shame.

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  3. Edmund Onward James, read Christie's book with an open mind and then tell me with a straight face, "…enough with blaming Fantino."

  4. Fantino is a McGuinty liberal and Harper has now proven that he never changed from once being a liberal. I hope both of them are taken down. Then we might get at least one conservative in government.

  5. Christie Blatchford is,imho,one of the best of the MSM extant in Canada,or anywhere,but,I disagree with the book's title,the "Law" didn't fail,those who are sworn to enforce it DID fail.

    Fantino does take his marching orders from the Justice Minister or Attorney General of the Province,but he could have acted for the Law,which he is supposed to serve,not any political master.

    Had Fantino done the correct,and legal thing,and arrested the Caledonia Indians immediately after they started their illegal actions,he would today be a hero in Canada,and around the world.

    Citizens are sick to death of "authorities" who are cowed into taking no action by Political Correctness. Fantino had nothing to risk but his precious career,and the new career as a folk hero,and unbeatable politician, would have far transcended his career possibilities in the OPP.

    Had Fantino acted as he was bound to by Law,he'd probably be considered a candidate for Prime Minister,and would sure as hell be welcomed by Conservatives /conservatives all over the Country.

    Instead,we're asking ourselves, "what in hell is Harper doing bringing this guy on board".


  6. Most of you are correct. Fantino was bound by law and so were all the other officers that stood there and watched.

    We are all so quite to criticize the OPP police officers and Fantino but we are forgetting who was really holding the ace card.

    Christie Blatchford says it best that the provincial government is the one who paved the way and in the end others paid the price.

  7. Read it and was shocked at how much I didn't know. I sure blame Dandy Dalton for this ON GOING situation, but my opinion of Fantino in this situation certainly was GREATLY diminished. Sure seemed like a lot evidence that he was OBSESSED with a blogger who was trying to report the truth.