Friday, October 29, 2010

Help Blazing Cat Fur

The Blazing Cat Fur (BCF) blog is apparently under attack from the human rights industry for offending someone. Why am I not surprised? Who among us bloggers have never offered offence? Fortunately, for most Canadians, giving offence is not a crime. They believe it is a fundamental human right that should be protected.

If we are not careful, the mere notion of conservatism or libertarianism will be made unlawful. For too many, if you’re not progressive, then you’re hard/extreme right. They’re nuts, of course, but they have legislation—wrong-headed as it may be—to back up them up.

Attacks on freedom of expression hurt us all. There is no more fundamental human right than freedom of speech/expression. Our system is broken and badly in need of a legislative fix. It’s times like these when we could really use a government that is more interested in basic justice than in votes.

These lawsuits, even the most ridiculous ones, must be defended and that’s costly to do—BCF says on the blog that it’s already cost $10,000, ouch! Contributions towards legal defence are therefore needed and appreciated. Hope you readers can help.

Here’s a link to BCF’s blog where you can make a donation.


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