Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Grit madness: Michael Ignatieff vows to cancel fighter-jet deal

Here we go again: Liberal Party playing politics and screwing our military in the process. The Vancouver Sun reports that a Liberal government would cancel the F-35 fighter-jet deal and hold a competitive bid. Michael Ignatieff has reportedly promised on Wednesday to rain on the military’s parade much as Jean Chrétien did with the old helicopter deal.

Chrétien’s political grandstanding stunt cost Canadian taxpayers a billion dollars or more for which we got nothing in return, and our military has yet to recover fully from that stunt. Now the nutty professor plans to scuttle a deal set in motion by a past Liberal government and set the fighter plane program back ten years.

Can these Grits stoop any lower to pander for progressive, anti-military votes? Apparently they can: they’ll scuttle the military in the hope of getting a few votes in return—what a terrific Canada-first strategy. They tried to starve the military for decades, then sent them off to Afghanistan to fight with sub-standard equipment, costing precious young lives (e.g., substandard body armour, tin-can armoured cars, no troop-carrying helicopters, no heavy armoured vehicles to counter roadside bombs).

And now the Grits are at it again.

God help Canada if these folks are let loose in Ottawa with a majority/coalition. Can you imagine the lot of the military if an NDP-backed Liberal government takes over?


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  1. Liberals place themselves before country. Always have; always will.

  2. Just in time for Remembrance Day.

  3. Russ, it has to be about money, not who is selling the planes as much as who gets the maintenance contracts I figure. There are even some here at Blogging Tories fighting this deal hard and they have vague reasons why they are doing it. Yes, there are cheaper planes out there, but that is the rub, the are cheaper planes. Since Canada only buys planes ever 20 years or so, then it makes sense to buy the best we can get. Our current aircraft are pretty much super hornets as it is, so buying more of those would mean in 20 years time that Canada's interceptor fleet would be like Sea Kings. Also, the F-35 comes with a really good deal for Canada with economic benefits, certainly better than we have had in past. Yes, some countries are pulling out or limiting orders but it is due to economic reasons. All fighter programs around the world are experiencing setbacks currently especially the Eurofighter as one example. This plane bought over several years is not a large expense for good hardware that we need. Yes, we need ships and everything else, but since Liberals never spend on military equipment, we as conservatives have to do what we can to bring this countries military back up to respectable standards. (real conservative)

  4. Don't forget these facts that Iggy overlookes (must have been out of the country).
    One - The Helicopter deals where signed in 2004 and 2006, before the conservatives took office - if those sole source contracts where initiated poorly, perhaps Iggy could talk to his predeccessor and get him to take responsibility.
    Two - The F35 was a competitive bid. The bid was to supply aircraft to a consortium of nations (Canada being one of them) for a multi-purpose fighter, that process began when the liberals where still in office.
    Three - the fact that the AG did not find anything wrong with that sole source contract tells me that things have changed down at DND since the liberals got booted to the opposition bench.
    Now Iggy wants to cancel our portion of the contract and put us on the hook for billions in cancellation fees.
    What an assclown.
    Of course it does reveal the obvious.