Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Enough with the demands for apology already

Ontario cabinet minister, Glen Murray, Tweets a slur about Canadian conservative politicians, a nasty one at that. Then he apologizes. His slur is now a matter of public record, so can we please move on now? Let’s get back on track, Mr. Hudak.

I thought it was the progressives who aren’t ever able to accept a simple apology and move on. Inappropriate comments are made on a daily basis. It’d be nice if that were not the case, but it will always be so.

So let’s take Murray’s and Dalton McGuinty’s apologies at face value and get back to work. The minister is not going to resign over this—and neither should he—and the premier isn’t going to fire him, so enough already.

We must hold the Grits’ feet to the fire, I get that. But can’t we be adults as we do so. I’m too damn old to be a cry-baby. I’m now officially moving on. Join me.


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  1. Agree, Glen Murray should be treated just as the pathetic Svend Robinson who used his Homophobia excuse to justify the theft of a $60'000.00 item.
    People only need to see the overt nudity in the gay parade in Toronto where few people in the gay Village oppose the men exposing their penis at children.
    Then we have the Police-Pride that does not stop it and even gives a approval by the silence which infers to men that Toronto enables Child-abuse or even quasi-pedophilia displays while tax-dollars partially fund it.

    Give Murray a break,the gay extremists don't think like the rest of the moderate gays or 98% Str8 population,the Laws should see this mind set as a Disability to pity and absolve of any responsibility as the 98% are held to for similar Child-abuse cases.

  2. So it is ok to do or say whatever you have to ,let it ride a while then apologize and all is well. Well the message is out there (true or false) the damage is done, but is ok and adult as long as you apologize. IMHO That is crap. And I don't care what party does it.

    Rob C

  3. If A Tory Cab Min had tweeted something stupid like all Libs. are drunk drivers including Ignatieff and Mcguinty ,obviously He'd have to apologize.

    Imagine if the apology statement was that "Drunk driving is bad and McGuinty and Ignatieff are not drunk drivers.However Mcguinty and Ignatieff must condemn those in their caucus who do these terrible things.". Would that fly as an apology?

    Of course not.

    Note that McGuinty never even felt that one was necessary.This was a Cabinet Minister who represents all of us. His action were crude and ignorant. He was bitter at a lost election I suppose but a proper apology is a reasonable request. If he can't give one then he deserves no future respect.

  4. The problem is that Glen Murray didn't really apologize. Instead he flung innuendos at Progressive Conservative supporters. Just regular folks like you and me.

  5. Are there any conservatives left?October 28, 2010 at 11:59 AM

    Well done and well said Russ.

    The ads were appalling. What Murray re-tweeted was appalling. But it is small stuff.

    He gave an almost immediate apology (and yes, Joanne, it was unconditional and unequivocal). McGuinty got up in the Legislature and gave an even bigger apology.

    To harp and whine on this kind of petty stuff is what politicians with no real agenda do, like Iggy. It's what politically correct lefties do. It's what we've been saying they shouldn't do, at least until the tables get turned I guess.

    When did we become whiny whimpy progressives?

    I am more and more of the opinion that conservatives are just conservative until they win. It's just a convenient cloth to cover their true colours.

  6. He finally did what should have been done in the first place.

    Unlike previous claims this apology was unconditional.

    He can keep his Cabinet position..for 11 more months that is.