Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Auditor-General Sheila Fraser concludes the Harper government’s stimulus program was well-managed

Liberals across the country and especially the Michael Ignatieff-led Liberal caucus in Ottawa must be very disappointed that a major, multi-year Canadian government program went off without the usual foul-ups, favoritism or corruption that seemed to dog major Liberal government-sponsored programs.

In her report released yesterday, Auditor-General Sheila Fraser concluded the Harper government’s stimulus program was well-managed. Imagine that. She reportedly found that the “government adequately handled the ‘risks’ of designing a $47-billion job-creation scheme in a hurry, and that the money went to applicants that met eligibility criteria.”

This was a major test for PM Stephen Harper’s government, which has been disparaged and maligned by the Ignatieff-Layton opposition at every turn throughout the major international financial crisis that faced this nation in the past couple of years.

Ms. Fraser did find fault in other areas, but the stimulus program was my primary concern, and the Conservative government deserves both our praise and our gratitude for this job well done under constant pressure from an opposition who—too often lately it seems—would rather see Canada fail than see its government succeed.

Hats off to the PM and his cabinet!


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  1. I'm not sure what the stimulus program actually did that was all that worthwhile, but I am gratified to know that at least whatever it did, it did fairly well.

  2. On CBC, that's just a footnote to the big story on the helicopter purchase.

  3. I don't know how much of the stimulus went for building roads and bridges, but lots of it did. I remember a Liberal stimulus for infrastructure projects that helped pay for a Saddledome upgrade in the mid-1990s.

  4. I'm very surprised at how much attention Sheila Fraser's thumbs up is *not* getting. Can you imagine the hackles of outrage from the opposition/media had there been even a fraction of mismanagement similar to what the Liberals gave us with Adscam?

    Now the Conservatives have more ammunition for the next election. Fiscal conservatives aren't attracted to a record of good government when gov't should never be the behemoth that it is. Nevertheless, the Conservatives have shown that they can manage competently, and the Liberals have proven that they can't.

  5. Good news. At least now Harper can run on a record of sound fiscal management. (real conservative)