Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tories open up an eight-point lead in voter support

Thanks, apparently, to Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff inability to connect with ordinary Canadians, the federal Liberal Party is once more mired in the mid-twenties of support among Canadians voters polled by Angus Reid.

Recent controversies over the long-gun registry, the mandatory long-form census and the like whipped up by opposition parties and their cheering sections in the mainstream media seem only to help the Grits gain temporary traction before they slide back to a support level enjoyed during their romance with the ineffective Stéphane Dion.

Here’s the national breakdown:

  • Conservatives: 34%
  • Liberals: 26%
  • NDP: 18%
  • Green Party: 11%
  • Bloc Québécois: 10%

Demonizing Tories just doesn’t seem to resonate with enough Canadians to help the Liberals—only the Greens seem to be going anywhere these days.

In the West, voters in Alberta (52%) and Manitoba and Saskatchewan (50%) continue to support the Conservatives. In British Columbia, the Tories have the lead with 39 per cent, followed by the NDP with 24 per cent and the Grits with 18 per cent.

In seat-rich Ontario, the Conservatives lead the Liberals by three-points (36% to 33%), while the Bloc continues to be the favourite in Quebec (38%)—the other parties are all left behind (Lib. 22%, NDP 17%, Con. 17%).


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  1. And the world is unfolding as it should.

  2. mired in the 20's based on an angus reid poll? i understand that you're a partisan but this kind of stuff just makes you look silly.

  3. Unfortunately the entire poll was done online, so the results are not reliable.

  4. I'm feelin' like Rocky today. (real conservative)