Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tom Clark’s leaving CTV

Tom Clark got miffed after he was passed over as anchor of CTV’s flagship night time news program in favour of Lisa LaFlamme who will succeed Lloyd Robertson when he retires. According to a source at CTV, Clark “was pretty bitter. You can tell he wasn’t a happy camper.” Now Clark has decided to leave CTV altogether.

Most non-progressives will not shed a tear for Clark’s leaving—his political bias spoilt the Power Play with Tom Clark show for most of us and left the field open to competitor Evan Solomon over at the CBC’s Power and Politics. Solomon is noticeably better at hosting a political current affairs show. There was a time when I quite admired Clark’s work in the field, but after watching him report from Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake, I changed my opinion of his work.

Word is that CTV’s Question Period co-host Jane Taber—guest host of Power Play on Tuesday—will be part of a rotating cast of hosts until a permanent replacement is found. Let’s hope this rotating cast will be better at the job than Clark’s replacements were during his Haiti assignment.

Remember when Mike Duffy had that time slot? It is a shame how far CTV has slipped since then.


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