Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kory Teneycke out; Charles Adler in

The announcement today that Kory Teneycke has resigned from his VP job at Quebecor Media Inc. came as a surprise to me. The stated reason is he’s become too much of a lightening rod for left-wing criticism of Quebecor’s Sun News TV venture. I won’t comment further, however, until I learn more about the reason behind his departure—assuming there’s more to learn.

“My objective is to create a national conversation every night on TV that will stimulate Canadians to have their own conversations with each other about the issues that matter to them.”

– Charles Adler.

Also today we read that broadcaster Charles Adler has signed to “anchor a prime time TV show when SUN TV NEWS launches in 2011.” Adler has 37 years of TV, radio, and print journlism behind him and is the current host of a national radio show.

Adler uses commentary, panel discussions and interviews with key newsmakers to provide insights into the stories of the day—just the ticket for the new Sun News TV channel. According to the news release, Adler will continue to host the Charles Adler Show on radio during the day and will host his SUN TV NEWS show in the evening.

This is one prime time entry I await with earnest anticipation. My prediction is it’ll be the best of breed on Canadian television and far surpass the thin cruel served up by either CTV’s Power Play or the CBC’s Power & Politics.


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  1. Charles is a friend of mine. I have been on his Corus Radio show a few times as the technology guy.

    I am thrilled to hear that Canada will get more of this guy!

    Congrats to SUN TV !!

  2. I'm guessing here that the CRTC wouldn't or couldn't approve Sun TV unless it had a 'softer face' in order to appease leftists which control the media in Canada. A partial victory for the left it appears at this time. When the left was whining about an abrasive Fox TV north they will afraid of having 'new ones' ripped out of them on a daily basis.. which I can understand because they are pitiful many of them. (real conservative)

  3. Charle's is like - An Oasis in the desert.
    Good luck with the program.
    I anxiously await this alternative to the everyday humdrum CBC and other low-life channels.

  4. Kory is a quitter. He dug this hole with is smarmy attitude trying to force Fox News/Sun onto everybody’s cable bill and portraying it as a freedom of speech issue. And now he’s bailing out. Good riddance.

    Adler is exactly the kind of fair and balanced windbag you'd expect on Fox News North.

  5. Well the CBC is forced onto everyone's cable bill.And CTV..What is your problem you Liberal idiots..Can,t handle the truth eh!But we will get the truth out one way or another.We are tired of having the lies and BS that is spewed every day from CBC and CTV ..And don,t worry about Kory quitting anonymous he will be around to kick your sorry ass.

  6. Speaking of windbags with smarmy attitudes, Anony, how come CBC gets "forced" onto my cable bill? Along with CTV, Global and all the other left wing toadies on our airwaves.

    Huh, come on now, answer the question, unless you are a quitter!