Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here’s a round of boos for Don Martin’s performance on CTV’s Power Play

The recent departure of Tom Clark from the CTV News show, Power Play, has demonstrated publicly what a bush league operation this cable news network really is. With the opening show of the fall session only days away, CTV announced Clark would no longer be doing the show—and no permanent replacement had been selected.

“Always strive for balance and freedom from bias”

– Reuters
Handbook of Journalism

Jane Taber and now Don Martin are proving that they have too few skills when it comes to hosting an interview show. Taber, at least, has some experience and can get by…barely. Don Martin, on the other hand, takes TV interviewing to new lows. In short, this man does a pathetic impersonation of a broadcast professional.

In a September 24 interview of Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose he showed a total lack of respect for his guest or her office as he snickered and made faces while she answered his questions. Don Martin has his supporters as a columnist at the National Post, and I read his stuff most days, but, frankly, he’s not up to much as a TV host. Sarcasm is a poor substitute for insightful or probing questions, and I’d have thought Martin would learned this by now, after all, he’s no rookie.

If CTV’s setting the bar this low for its early evening political issues show, Sun News TV is going to have a field day in the ratings race, if the CRTC ever gives it a fighting chance.

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  1. Apparently he was trying too hard today to goad Danny Williams into saying something negative about the Conservative government. Didn't work. Just made him look much too partisan to host a political affairs show...

    (not that Jane Taber isn't; she just hides it better)

  2. I used to really like Don Martin but have lost interest in his work in the past year. I think all that time he spent following Belinda Stronach around town might have caused some brain damage.

  3. Just saw Martins attempt at hosting the show, wow, Worst Host Ever!! Rude to both the Liberal and Conservative strategists that he had on. There's a reason Martin does print....


  4. Sun TV is coming and its gonna be a giant killer. (real conservative)

  5. I have commented on the facial grimaces of Evan Soloman he must have had botox since my comment
    Tom Clark continued with his grimaces to the last broadcast
    they all display their emotions when talking with the Conservatives
    As a Canadian I find the news nothing but the opinion of what the news person feels
    it would be nice to just get the news about the recent steps the Government of Canada is taking
    I agree with your post

  6. You dont know what you are talking about. This isn't his actual job as he is used to being the one being interviewed, not the interviewer. You need to respect him for trying something new and doing an amazing job!!!!! He was great :)

  7. When are you going to get rid of Don Martin....he is a blantant left liberal and is a lousy interviewer. Obviously CTV leans left but tries to mask it to be somewhat fair and balanced but Don Martin's performance is crap!