Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don’t look to progressives for consistency of principles

The CBC is having a hissy fit over the possibility that the NRA—the American pro-gun lobby group—might have some involvement with the fight here in Canada to ditch the ill conceived Long Gun Registry. Apparently, US-based organizations are not permitted to have any influence over what we do in Canada.

So hypocritical are the progressives that they’ll tolerate, even welcome, outside-the-country interference when it supports a left-wing cause, but denounce it roundly when it offers support to a cause broadly supported by those on the political right.

Take for example Quebecor’s cable news venture, Sun News TV. A left-wing American lobby group called, which operates out of New York City and is funded by U.S. billionaire George Soros, recently launched a petition against Sun News TV getting approval from the CRTC to operate an all news channel here in Canada.

Lefty author Margaret Atwood has, apparently, signed’s petition and has spoken out loudly in favour of its objective. But that’s okay with the CBC—welcome one, welcome all international busybodies.

Another example is when CUPE, Ontario’s largest university workers’ union proposed in 2009 a ban on Israeli academics teaching in Ontario’s universities, and its previous attempts to boycott goods and services from the Jewish state. That was just fine, laudable, in fact. Our Canadian progressives have such moral superiority it’s their duty to tell others how to live their lives—here and abroad.

Oh well, I doubt anyone expects consistency from progressives—they’ll turn whichever way the left winds blow.


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  1. Progressives are irrational because they are ruled by emotion. When, if ever, they get the left side of their brains functioning properly they become Conservatives or Libertarians.

    This is why it is folly to allow Progressive governments (Iggy wants a "compassionate" government; what the hell does that mean?). Government will be irrational, policy based on emotion. Look at the gun registry. Absolutely no evidence that it's useful, just a lot of emotional manipulation instead of concrete arguments.

  2. Russ,

    The key difference between the avaaz and NRA situation is that avaaz was up front and public about it's position. On the other hand, the NRA set up an arms length organization without any visible linkages to try to make their puppet lobbyist organization look like a grassroots Canadian group. It is anything but that - it is a puppet for the gun lovers in the US based NRA.

    Take a step back and think about the difference in approaches the organizations used and you might question the position you have taken.

    Where's Waldo