Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tory support edging back up

The Tories have managed to widen the gap from one point two weeks ago to five points in the latest EKOS poll. According to the opinion survey, Conservative support is at 32.5 per cent nationally compared to 27.9 per cent for the Liberals—well off the 11-point lead Tories enjoyed over the Grits in early June. The NDP has 17.4 per cent support.

According EKOS pollster Frank Graves, the narrowing of the gap between Tories and Grits in recent weeks,  is “almost certainly exclusively a product of the census decision.”

Mr. Graves’s survey shows Liberal support among university-educated Canadians climbing to 34.4 per cent from 26.3 per cent over the past several weeks—almost entirely at the expense of the Conservatives whose support among the group declined to 29.2 per cent from 32.7 per cent. Interestingly, though, Tory support among College-educated Canadians seems to be holding.

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  1. It is partly the summer dip, but Harper needs to sell changes better or rush a pile of changes through so that the left can't manufacture crisin fast enough. Take your pick. (real conservative)

  2. If you examine by region it is a myth university educated or females support the Liberals.

    If only 25/75 (past decade) seats are available to federal parties does it make sense to include data from all 75 ridings in a national poll?

  3. From today's Globe

    "The survey of 2,979 Canadians, released Thursday morning, was conducted between Aug. 11 and 17

    From the EKOS website on Aug 5th:

    First of all, everyone seems to focus on the last week and it is the more interesting but the first week of the two week period was much better for the Conservatives and more consistent with previous weeks. The last week, however, clearly seems to show a significant shift in the voter landscape

    So what's going on here ??? It looks like Graves is now basing his results on ONE WEEK of polling. Whereas, as far as I can tell, all his previous results were based on TWO WEEKS of polling.

  4. Another poll today

    CEOs recently surveyed by COMPAS Inc

    ''..Even so, the respondents greatly prefer Prime Minister Stephen Harper to manage the economy than Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.
    Harper earned the approval of 67% of the respondents,
    while Ignatieff received 11%, and 7% were undecided. The rest said ‘neither.’