Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Haven’t we learned anything since the bombing of Air India Flight 182 some 25 years ago?

It really doesn’t seem as though we’ve learned that when immigrants bring their national feuds to our shores, Canadians can get hurt and even killed. The bombing of Air India Flight 182 some 25 years ago should have taught us that, but apparently it has not.

Events in the form of what Toronto’s Police Chief Bill Blair described as “unlawful and unsafe” protests should have been warning enough, yet many among us still want our refugee laws loosely applied to those who enter Canada without following generous, well-know procedures.

Almost 500 people arrive by boat in Vancouver and our authorities are expected to give them every benefit of the doubt that they are bona fide refugees who would risk their lives if they are returned to their homeland, Sri Lanka.

Many would have us believe Tamil Tigers are not among these “boat people” aboard the ship now docked in CFB Esquimalt. None, we are assured, are here as part of a carefully devised and well financed strategy of forming a government-in-exile in our country.

About a year ago, the National Post reported that, according to a secret intelligence report obtained by that newspaper, Canada was one of the top sources of funding for Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers, providing up to $12-million a year for several years.

Readers may remember also that back in May of that year, demonstrators waving flags bearing the Tamil Tigers’ emblem blocked city streets and part of a major highway in downtown Toronto. And, of course, a Buddhist temple and Sri Lankan restaurant were set on fire in the Greater Toronto Area. These places were known to be frequented by members of the Sinhalese community, former members of Sri Lanka’s ruling majority and the enemy of the Tamil Tigers.

The World Tamil Movement is reported to be one of the main fronts for the Tamil Tigers, also known as LTTE, and is said to have often used “coercive” tactics to collect money from Toronto’s large Canadian Tamil diaspora. Funds collected were apparently used to bankroll the rebels who recently lost the Sri Lanka civil war.

With their increasingly sound foothold in Canada, one can only hope our government is careful of crossing this violent organization, for it is the same Tamil Tiger organization that “invented” the phenomenon of the suicide bomber.

Such tactics seem anathema to our society, but so too, we thought 25 years ago, was the bombing of an airplane filled with Canadians.


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