Sunday, August 22, 2010

Are Tamils refugee claimants playing Canadians for fools?

Today’s Toronto Sun newspaper breaks a story about a secret government survey that reveals that the majority—71 per cent of those surveyed—of successful Tamil refugees travel back to Sri Lanka. This, of course, raises questions about the legitimacy of refugee claims made by Tamils entering Canada.

It’s a small survey to be sure, but the results are disturbing. To think that a significant proportion of a single community may have obtained residency in Canada by fraudulent means should be disturbing to other Canadians who value their residency/citizenship rights and privileges.

Nothing is ever self-evident when only one side of an argument is heard, however, one can deduce from the fact that, when a refugee can return freely to a homeland for vacations, visiting relatives and the like, it is unlikely that person’s refugee claim was legitimate. After all, successful refugee claimants must prove they are in danger of torture or risk to their life or some other such criteria that shows they will face persecution or worse in their home country if forced to return there.

This does not seem to be a situation in which former refugee claimants go back to their homelands many years after their successful claims—such as after a change in government as occurred in many East European nations after the fall of communism. This is a much more recent occurrence.

Armed with this knowledge, will our Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) take a tougher stand on current and future Tamil refugee claimants than last year when the IRB accepted 85 per cent of their claims? I doubt it.

I seems that everyone in the world is born with a right to come and live in Canada. To exercise that right, all that is necessary is for one to show up at our border with a plausible reason why one cannot return to one’s homeland—and the reason doesn’t have to be true…it just has to sound true enough.



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  1. "....story about a secret government survey...."

    Yeah, I'll bet it was secret. The government doesn't want Canadians to know how the freeloaders are playing us for saps.

    Then Canadians might start questioning the decisions of their judges, lawyers, politicans and journalists. (Basically the people who decide how we are supposed to live and what we are supposed to think.

  2. Yes indeed. But then again I think most immigration to this country is exploitive to Canada. Not a popular thing to say but I can back it up. Most immigrants are scamming in one way or other I think. Either lying about why they came here, their qualifications, what they can do, how much they really love their new country, what their intentions are, how much they engage in the 'cash economy,' how much they side with leftists against the 'rest of us.' and on and on. But that is incredibly unpolitically correct and well now I'm a criminal. (real conservative)