Friday, July 9, 2010

Lloyd Robertson passes baton to Lisa LaFlamme…finally

The host of CTV National News With Lloyd Robertson announced at the close of his Thursday newscast that he plans to retire in the latter half of 2011 after 35 years at CTV. And, according to the Ottawa Citizen, Lisa LaFlamme will take over the anchor’s chair. Robertson is 76, and I don’t know what took him so long to step aside and give someone else a shot at the job. Surely he doesn’t need the money and he must have other interests to occupy himself.

I’ve nothing against Robertson, but what is it about network news readers that they feel they must hang in there for decade after decade. Is it that, on average, they are a vacuous lot and news reading is all to which they aspire? Are there no intellectual challenges to which they are drawn?

I welcome the choice of Lisa LaFlamme as Robertson’s replacement and hope her appointment will be made permanent. She has served her apprenticeship well both as anchor and as a reporter in the field, including important domestic and overseas assignments. She’s a hard news journalist, covering stories from wars to elections to natural disasters, from some of the world’s most dangerous locations. Ms. LaFlamme is currently National Affairs Correspondent for CTV News and substitute host for CTV National News.


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  1. In my humble opinion - Wrong choice.

  2. Can we now get rid of Craig Oliver?

    Nice to see female news anchors. I remember, for example, not so long ago, that there were no female announcers on radio because their voices were too high according to the mores of the time.

  3. This is a guy that worked at CBC before joining CTV, will work until the middle of next year and states he will work some after that time also. Man hard to get rid of some people isn't it? Not like he can't afford to retire.. or is that the issue? (real conservative)

  4. Wonder what Sandy Rinoldo thinks, or did she turn down the job.