Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Liberals: we’ll huff and we’ll puff, but we’ll not blow your house down

The same old stale Liberal Party of Canada tune was played again late Monday night in the Canadian Senate when seven Liberal senators failed to show up for the vote on the Conservative “omnibus” budget in the Red Chamber—despite this being a whipped vote. Senators voted 48-44 against the changes made by opposition members of the finance committee to Bill C-9 and passed the legislation. The opposition senators wanted to remove portions of the Conservative budget bill and put them in separate legislation.

The Tories hold 52 seats in the 105-seat upper chamber, which is just shy of a majority. Had five of the seven absent Liberal senators showed up for the whipped vote, the budget bill would have been sent back to the lower House. The vote ended further speculation that the Conservatives might call an election if the bill did not pass.

So once more the Michael Ignatieff-led Liberals huff and puff over Conservative legislation, telling Canadians how terrible it is. But in the end they make sure enough of their members stay away from the vote, ducking their responsibility as the official opposition to vote against legislation they believe is not in Canada’s best interest.

If Michael Ignatieff is ever to be taken seriously as a potential prime minister of Canada, he needs to put enough starch in his shirts to make up for his lack of backbone. He must have discovered that it’s easier to talk a tough game than to play one. That’s why, I suppose, he prefers tossing odious personal insults long-distance at the prime minister rather than forcing a meting head-to-head at the ballot boxes of the nation.

I wonder when he’ll quit and sign-up officially as a China-booster like one of his predecessors has done. I hear there’s lots of money to be made in that quarter and it beats travelling the country in a bus that couldn’t make it through the first week of its tour.


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1 comment:

  1. Iffy refered to the Harper govt as doing the 'politics of manipulation'.
    We call it official opposition weak leadership.

    ''..But in the end they make sure enough of their members stay away from the vote, ducking their responsibility...'

    Canadians are not stupid, they know a fake when they see one.
    86% of Canadians polled do not want Iffy running our country.