Sunday, July 25, 2010

Court forces RCMP to readmit failed candidate to police academy

The Toronto Sun has an opinion piece by Ezra Levant, blogger and human rights pundit, that’s makes me wonder whether I slipped down Alice’s rabbit hole. Levant tells us about a fellow who couldn’t make the grade at the RCMP’s police academy, washing out after 12 weeks. The man then made a claim to the Canadian Human Rights Commission against the RCMP for, apparently, racism…and won.

The man, an immigrant from Iran, has won his case after about 10 years of suing and appeals. Despite the human rights tribunal acknowledging he “had difficulty performing competently in scenarios, and that this was largely a function of his inability to listen to people, to integrate the information he received and to formulate an appropriate course of action based on that information,” this man was able to get a favourable ruling from the Federal Court of Appeal. Last week, that court upheld a human-rights ruling calling the RCMP racist and ordering them to readmit the man to the academy.

The man doesn’t even sound stable, for, as described by Levant, when he was told he did not make the grade, he had a breakdown and classmates had to escort him to the infirmary because he was “vomiting, shaking, hyperventilating and was incoherent.” Doesn’t sound like police material to me.

According to Levant, the Federal Court of Appeal that handed down this ruling is the same court and the same judge that ordered the Stephen Harper government to bring accused terrorist Omar Khadr back to Canada. Should this ruling be allowed to stand, I’m sure similar ones will follow, and I can only wonder at the quality of the police recruits we’ll be seeing in the future.

Surely this ruling should be appealed.



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  1. Sign him up, push him through, give him a Taser, and send him to the Vancouver airport.


  2. How about a petition to remove said judge from the bench, or see to it he never gets another case. Wonder what other great decisions he has rendered during his term.
    If he gets into the RCMP I doubt he would have a very long career.

  3. The CHRC wants to destroy the Canada we know. (real conservative)