Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sun TV News: Will there be fair debate?

The family was over this morning and Denisé prepared a sumptuous brunch for me, my two sons who are also dads, the parents of our two daughters-in-law and our five grandchildren. Wow, what a treat! After everyone left, I spent the mid-afternoon leafing through the Sunday Toronto Sun.

One article that caught my eye, was Lorrie Goldstein’s column, Fox News? No. Fair debate? Yes: Goldstein. The sub-title sort of says it all: Sun TV News should espouse conservative values, not cheerlead for ‘Big C’ Conservatism. I agree with Goldstein when he writes that Canadians don’t want a “Fox News North.” But I do think a significant number of Canadians want something more stimulating and entertaining than the offerings from CBC News and CTV News. This could be a version of Fox News with a Canadian slant. But we’ll see.

I, like Goldstein, hope it won’t be a partisan cheerleader for “Big C” Conservatism. That would be a shame, and, frankly, I don’t see such a venture succeeding financially. I do like the fact, though, that small “c” and big “C” conservatives will have a major stake in the venture so we can have people like arch-Liberal Warren Kinsella on panels without having the host join him to gang up on a single conservative panelist.

Too often on shows like CTV News’ Power Play, the host joins with the progressive panelists to hammer away at the—usually single—conservative voice on the show. It was pathetic to see Liberal Party insiders come on Power Play with props to help make their point, and then to see Tom Clark virtually turn the show over to them. I don’t like such blatant bias, but I also do not want to see the mirror reverse of that sort of thing.

News on a “wheel” during the day with commentary and panel discussion in the evening. That’ll do fine for me. Think of a Michael Coren-like show and a Steve Paikin-like show on week-nights, without the over-emphasis of political correctness we see on TVO these days. I don’t want to be unfair or unkind to the people who bring these shows to us, I do appreciate their efforts and am a frequent watcher of those shows. But, come on, those shows are truly informative, stimulating and entertaining only about 25 per cent of the time—and that’s being, I think, generous.

CTS which airs the Michael Coren Show does a very clumsy job of managing appearances from out-of-town panelists—TVO, at least, does a more professional job of this. This is only a simply example, but surely technical excellence of some of the current offerings is in need for improvement.

I’ll close with another quote from Lorrie Goldstein’s column: “I do hope it’s a ‘conservative’ broadcaster and that its presence forces competitors to start treating the honestly held views of many Canadians with far more respect and honesty than they do today.”


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  1. you make it sound as if fox is a bad thing?
    I wish we could actually be that honest with ourselves, going half way will only enable the left.

  2. Fox a bad thing? No, I wouldn't say that, but we are Canadian and our culture is somewhat different than the U.S.--not better, just different.

    And why would we be going "half way," i think we'd be going one better.

  3. The reason the left cheats is that they know they are inferior and that levels the playing field they believe. (real conservative)