Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oliphant Commission: Brian Mulroney guilty of inappropriate behaviour

The Oliphant Commission’s report has been released finally, and the findings in the four-volume report is that former prime minister Brian Mulroney broke his own ethics code when he engaged in inappropriate behaviour and evaded the truth about his business relationship with the disgraced German-Canadian lobbyist, Karlheinz Schreiber.

We have now had a decades-long vendetta by the CBC against Mr. Mulroney that must have cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars; a multi-year full-blown RCMP investigation; a drawn-out witch-hunt of a House of Commons committee inquiry into Schreiber and Mr. Mulroney’s affairs; and a two-year $16-million public inquiry—including $1.8-million to cover Mr. Mulroney’s legal fees.

For a total cost to taxpayers of what must surely exceed $20-million, have we got value for money or only the satisfaction of CBC types and some opposition politicians—notably NDP MP Part Martin—parading their moral superiority? I suggest the latter is more likely.

This is one hell of a sum to discover that the former prime minister did not, as Schreiber had testified1, make a lobbying agreement between the two men while Mulroney was still prime minister. And that—according to Oliphant and the RCMP—Mr. Mulroney apparently did not break any laws.

The opposition can paint Mr. Mulroney’s “inappropriate behaviour” in the worst light they can, but that will not make Canada any better a place, nor feed a single child nor make a single Canadian better off in any way.

Compare Mr. Mulroney’s actions (after leaving office) to the fact that former prime ministers Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin presided over a Liberal Party during Adscam and claim to have not know what was going on. Consider that while $100-million2 was being shoveled out the door by Liberals, neither Chrétien nor Martin had a clue what was going on, or so they claim.


1Justice Jeffrey Oliphant rejected Schreiber’s testimony that the lobbying agreement between Schreiber and Mr. Mulroney was made while Mulroney was still prime minister in 1993.

2The auditor general reported (February 2004) that the Liberal government paid more than $100 million to communications agencies for little or no work. As it turned out a lot of this money ended up in Liberal Party coffers and in the pockets of Liberal Party supporters.


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  1. "but that will not make Canada any better a place, nor feed a single child nor make a single Canadian better off in any way."

    So I take it you are opposed to any further investigation, either by the government or by the RCMP, into Adscam or Shawinigate or anything else the Liberals are alleged to have done? In fact, I take it you don't think the Liberals should have even bothered to investigate themselves under Gomery, the result of which we now know about much of the corruption?

    I assume that that must be your view since otherwise it would sound suspiciously like you only want to investigate Liberal corruption and don't want to investigate Conservative corruption, which would be such a very hypocritical partisan position to take that I can't imagine you would take that position.

  2. Inappropriate is a long way from illegal.
    16 million on a witch hunt for Liberal political purposes..Again.
    I believe the charge leveled by the CBC and the Liberals was that he received Kick backs of which there is no evidence.
    The Liberals and CBC should pick up the tab, not the taxpayers.

  3. Brian was looking for a padded nest outside of office, Chretien and Martin were looking to pad their nests inside office.

    Chretien should be in jail, and so should a lot of other Liberals.

    When will we see the money the Liberals stole?

  4. So you're back, Ted. And, as usual, you put words in my proverbial mouth, or should I say, keyboard.

    Yes, Adscam was worth investigating and, unlike Mulroney, Liberal Party members were found to have broken the law. Shawinigate was a scam, but not worth further expense since we're happily rid of Chrétien.

    The claims in your second paragraph say more about your pro-Liberal biases than my views about government or RCMP investigations.

    Your sarcasm is childish. If you want to call my views a "hypocritical partisan position" go for it—it's not true, but that is your privilege.

    I often have written things critical of the Conservative Party and conservative movement. You, on the other hand, seem to hold only views that are consistent with a political progressive's position.

    I have noticed, though, that when I mildly insulted you once, you got all huffy and closed off debate. But I'm used to that, it's a typical Liberal strategy.

  5. Not sure what words I've put in your mouth Russ. Just assuming - or rather hoping I guess - that you are consistent in your views. You've now answered that for me.

    On the other hand, you don't seem to mind putting loads of words into my mouth as I have been an equal opportunity critic.

    As for getting all huffy and "closing off debate", please. At least you admit you were being insulting. As I said then, I don't like to get into online debates about abortion because it inevitably ends up just being an insult match as you admitted it was becoming. I have got a million more interesting things to do with my time than tap away at a computer screen just to get insulted, so I choose not to be.

    Even after that though, you did have one commenter who was genuinely interested in dialog instead of trading insults or trying to impose his moral superiority on everyone else, so in fact I did stick around a bit longer and didn't "close off debate" on your blog (can't see how I can even do that as a mere lowly commenter).

    As for "childishness", I find anyone from any side of an argument is acting pretty childishly when they ascribe certain traits onto whole groups when their own group is no less guilty of the trait.

  6. Big Red Magnum:

    Oliphant was not allowed to investigate Air Bus or any of the other bribery claims.

    The fact that everyone senior from the Mulroney government who was involved in Air Bus, including Mulroney himself, personally got millions and millions of dollars from an account that Schreiber set aside for AirBus lobbying is far more than "inappropriate".

    Now you can take Russ' view that, whatever actually happened, sometimes the cost of finding out so long after the fact is too much when you know how difficult it is to find out and when you know you are not likely to find the smoking gun. That is a reasonable and fair view, and one that I may agree with.

    But to go from there and say that nothing wrong happened and that there is "no evidence" of any wrongdoing is extreme naivete at best.

  7. I'd like to retract the "everyone senior in the Mulroney government involved in Air bus" part of the above statement. The exaggeration for effect is inaccurate and grossly unfair to the many Progressive Conservatives who worked on Air Bus diligently and ethically thinking they were doing right by Canada. Most of the people involved were, in my view, wholly unaware of the amount of bribery and kickbacks that it seems pretty clear were involved.

  8. Wow... Taking money from a Euro-arms dealer or from Canadian taxpayers. I wonder which one would have longer legs.
    The CBC and the lap-dog media is betting on the Oliphant to win the race. I think their betting on the wrong horse.

  9. Ted, thanks for clarifying your earlier comment regarding Air Bus bribery allegations. While many Canadians are understandingly uneasy over the Air Bus affair and the role Progressive Conservatives might have played in it.

    We all need to remember that nothing has been proven in court, even after an investigation of several months/years by the RCMP.

    Thanks for the integrity you show in withdrawing your "exaggeration."

  10. I am not 100% sure ,but didn,t ex PM Mulroney give the $2 million to charity.This was brought out during the Schreiber testimony,but yet all the MSM and even our buddies at CFRA radio want him to pay it back???Did he not pay it back already??Anyone??How do we check and find out.??

  11. This is NOTHING compared with what Paul Martin was up to with his companies nor Chretien with his China and Quebec buddies. Anyone connected will Power Corps and their friends is never to be trusted, as they will sell out Canada.