Sunday, June 20, 2010

Michael Coren says it better than I could

Michael Coren pretty well sums up, in his column in the Toronto Sun, the quick negative reaction of many in the Canadian media to the prospect of a new all-news cable network in the general mold of Fox News. He points out, “Quebecor announces a new network and the usual hacks drown in cynicism and outrage.” And that pretty well sets the tone of his column.

“If it wasn’t for hockey and Coronation Street, the [CBC] corporation would largely collapse. It’s simply an illusion that Canadian television delivers what people want. It’s more that smug elitists assume they deliver what Canadians need. And what they need, it seems, is dull, intellectually bland and consistently left-of-centre.”

– Michael Coren
Toronto Sun

Coren doesn’t quite debunk the notion often seen and heard in the media that there won’t be a market for such a network in Canada. But he offers a reasonable counter-argument when he writes:

“Frankly I think there will be [a market], but we simply don’t know until it’s tried. What we do know is that there isn’t much of a market for what’s out there right now. Take a look at the audience figures for shows on CBC, CTV and Global and you’ll realize just how few people watch Canadian news and current affairs.”

I must say that I was taken aback by the vehemence of the reaction by some CBC and ex-CBC types like Don Newman, retired CBC host of the old political program, Politics. Newman has been really worked up at the prospect of the traditional progressive-leaning media getting some competition from the centre-right.

I agree with Coren when he writes, “People deserve choice and variety and it appears they’re going to get it. Hey lefty journalists, if you don’t like it, don’t watch.”

Long live freedom of speech.


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  1. It is almost certain now that the objective of the left was programming and control over the populace via the MSM. The response of the media to a real alternative view which should have been welcomed in a free and democratic society has only met with scorn. Everything the left stands for is a lie and deception and we have our proof. How with the new enterprise fare? Difficult to say as we don't have the history of entrenched interests on the right in Canada as they do in the US. We succumbed to liberalism due to the seduction of Trudeau etc., in the late sixties and haven't looked back. That is why this enterprise is a threat, we may see change occur as a result. I hope this new channel has a strong web presence to correlate with the cable offering. Remember that 25% of the public in Canada regularily votes right wing and that is a potentially lucrative market. One channel commanding 25% of the best viewers should be able to make a profit. (real conservative)

  2. What I don't want though, real conservative, is a news network that only offers conservative perspectives. I'd settle for a reasonable balance with a full spectrum of views. Listening to conservatives chatting to a table of conservatives is fine in small doses, but is only marginally better than we have now.

  3. Russ, then tell us what you envision, I'd like to hear your views on the subject. Regards, (real conservative)

  4. Fair, balanced coverage without the blinder of political correctness, that's what I want. But I've no real idea what we'll get. We'll have to wait and see, won't we?