Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Liberal politicians off the hook

Does any police organization in the universe move more slowly than does our RCMP? The Adscam corruption scandal came to light in 2004 and Justice Gomery released his final report on the scandal on February 1, 2006. Four years later we read that the RCMP has made its first allegations of bribery in the scandal. A Montreal court document states that an advertising firm offered bribes to civil servant Chuck Guité, including free cosmetic surgery for his wife.

According to a piece in the Globe and Mail:

The RCMP has referred the results of its investigation into advertising firm Groupe Everest to the office of the Crown prosecutor in Montreal. So far, the RCMP and the Quebec provincial police have arrested the presidents of other major advertising firms involved in the sponsorship scandal:

  • Jean Lafleur, president of Lafleur Communication Marketing, was sentenced to 48 months after pleading guilty to a $1.5-million fraud.
  • Groupaction Marketing Inc. president Jean Brault received 30 months after pleading guilty to fraud in relation to contracts worth $1.6-million.
  • Gilles-André Gosselin, president of Gosselin Strategic Communications, got 24 months plus a day in relation to $655,000 in fraud.
  • Paul Coffin, president of Communication Coffin, received an 18-month sentence in relation to fraud of $1.5-million.

Our federal police confirmed on Tuesday that it has finished its investigation and turned the file over to Crown prosecutors in Montreal.

All this and the politicians have come out pretty well, wouldn’t you say? Civil servants and ad agencies, bad; politicians, good. Of course, the Liberal Party in Quebec is left with its reputation in tatters, but it doesn’t seem like any politicians will see a day in jail. Pity.

Funny old world, eh?


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  1. Seems to me that the only claim to fame that the Mounties have had over the past one hundred years is strike breaking in the 1930's.

  2. William in Ajax said...

    The RCMP has had a disadvantage for at least a decade.
    One of the key players in Adscam
    held the license to the RCMP headquarters cafeteria for years,
    the RCMP has been "bugged" for years, all investigations since then have been corrupted.
    I suspect they still have this disadvantage and can't be trusted as a law enforcement agency any longer.
    A major "cleaning of house" is in order.


  3. well... I think the RCMP or at least some choice members have had a roll in the investigation given their envolvevment during the whole Jean "grab hecklers by the throat" creatin affair in Shawinagin... Golf memberships all paid for boys???