Friday, June 4, 2010

Evan Soloman gets nods from Blogging Tories

Fellow bloggers are being very kind to CBC’s host of Power and Politics, Evan Soloman, these days. For example, Alberta Ardvark is offering him “kudos” and Joanne at Blue Like You wrote that he “really shone tonight as a moderator when he had NDP Pat Martin squaring off against Opus Dei’s Father Fred Dolan.” Many comments on those blogs have been no less kind to Mr. Soloman.

I’d say that since the CBC was recently criticized over comments by their p0litical opinion pollster, I’ve noticed what I take to be an effort by some of the network’s on-air folks to temper their overt leaning to the political left—at least, during news shows.

I stopped watching  Power and Politics regularly because I didn’t believe I was getting a balanced view of Canadian or international politics. I continue to watch similar shows like Question Period and Power Play, however. They too seem to be biased and seem to be harder on Conservatives than Liberals in interviews, but, somehow, bias there seems not to be so unrelenting.

It is clear, however, that Evan Soloman is gaining—at least, in some quarters—a reputation for fairness, and I’ll applaud that trend and begin, once again, to watch his show.

I do believe, though, that the practice of the news networks in Canada of pitting left against right in most panel discussions is a major impediment to helping Canadians understand their politics and the activities of their political institutions. Controversy sells, it seems, better than reasoned analysis. And this is even more egregious than bias in reportage.

For me, listening to a Conservative and a Liberal go head to head with party talking points and “staying on message” regardless of the situation is neither informative nor entertaining. And there is far too much of that on our political shows.

As for more balance on the CBC, I’m all for that.


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  1. Soloman is mercurial and one should not be to quick to award him plaudits. What we really need is for Adler or Kory Tenecke at the helm of this program for a balanced bias.
    All that glitters is not gold.
    Granted, Pat Martin is out to lunch without a soup sandwich, is rude and should be tarred and feathered. Who votes for this guy? That tells you a lot about the constituents who do. Ditto with Ralph Goodale.
    Give me a break!

  2. Trust me Russ, rumours of Soloman's balanced journalism are greatly exagerrated. If you haven't been watching the show (as you said), then you are not qualified to say that he is getting better.

    One interview does not a good news man make. This Blogging Tory who watches a lot of CBC Newsworld does not give any nod to E-Solo. The title of this post should read "Soloman gets nods from a select few Blogging Tories."