Friday, June 11, 2010

EKOS: Conservative lead shrinks

So after a few weeks of pulling ahead of the Liberals and their ineffective leader, Michael Ignatieff, the Conservative Party of Canada’s lead in the opinion polls has now shrunk to a point where it cannot be at all sure of even a minority victory in an election. The latest EKOS poll has the CPC at 31.4 per cent, the LPC at 26.8 per cent and the Dippers at 16.6 per cent.

And perhaps as worrying is the only 48.1 per cent of respondents who believe the country is going in the right direction, and the only 38.4 per cent who believe the Conservative government is going in the right direction.

The abundance of negative political chatter—some deserved, some not—in the media is, apparently, taking its toll in a slow-bleed sort of way. In the background, of course, we have excellent economic news that should be giving the Stephen Harper government a real boost in the polls, but, in reality, is not having the desired effect.

Canada’s image in the world as a safe banking community, and the international plaudits we’ve received for weathering the recent recession and emerging from it with one of the strongest economies among G20 nations seems totally offset by the chaos on Parliament Hill we hear about each day.

This morning I read in the Financial Post that BNP Paribas, the French bank, says the loonie is becoming a reserve currency for some of the world’s central banks. Which means, of course, that it’s being held by some international central banks and other major foreign institutions in their foreign-exchange reserves, because Canada and its dollar are increasingly being seen as safe and solid bets.

High praise indeed, and we should all be very proud of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government, which deserves a lot of credit for this trend.


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  1. 38.4 per cent who believe the Conservative government is going in the right direction = majority

    and Liberals know it, as is evident with the sheer panic in the LPC, ready and willing to join the socialists.

  2. The many members of the anti-Harper universe are working hard to keep the Libs close in the polls. There's not much we can do about that, there's no point complaining, so just keep working hard, each of us doing what we can to help the Tory team succeed.

    We still have the important advantages--the money, the machine, the most incumbent MPs, and the best leader. Plus, thanks to Chretien, our election-time anti-coalition narratives are going to be very credible, and could easily become THE ballot-box question.

  3. You, Taber, and O'Malley are the only people who do weekly EKOS analysis. EKOS is tainted. The best evidence of this is the Green Party at 13%. That is not realistic.

  4. Yawn. Its a "between election" poll. In other words its worthless as an indicator of voter intent. Between elections people focus on top of mind issues like the fake lake story instead of profound issues like bank taxes. As soon as the G meetings are over the Conservatives will come back up and the Liberals will drop farther.

  5. Finally a bit of an issue for the liberals, the summit costs. Once again it is conservative incompetence that blew this one. They didn't tell anybody they were going to spend a lot of money, what it was for and why it was justified... just let the liberals take all the talking points instead. On this one, either don't do this or figure out how to sell it because once it gets out it is toxic, you can't hope that nobody notices anymore in this day and age in politics. Time to wake up CPC! (real conservative)