Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tories widen lead over Grits

The CBC News network is reporting the results of this week’s EKOS poll1 of voter intentions. When asked who they would vote for if an election were to be held tomorrow, 34.4 per cent (up from last week’s 33.6 per cent) of the respondents said their choice would be the Conservatives, while 51.1 per cent said the country is moving in the right direction. According to the poll, the liberals were down two full points at 25.1 per cent, and at 15.3 per cent, the NDP were down 1.6 per cent.

Michael Ignatieff still can’t connect with enough Canadian voters to be considered a real threat to the Conservatives. He remains Canada’s least popular Federal leader. A recent Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey found 52 per cent of Canadians have a negative impression of the Liberal leader, compared with 26 per cent who have a positive impression.

Liberal pundits claim Ignatieff’s poor showing is because he is in opposition and, unlike the Tories who use public funds to publicize themselves, they (Liberals) don’t have the equivalent advertizing budget. This reasoning, however, flies in the face of the fact Jack Layton received the most favourable ratings in the same poll.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper continues to be denied majority territory because of weak support in Quebec and the voter split with the Liberals in Ontario.

It seems to me that, while we conservatives can take some comfort from the almost 10 point lead the Conservatives have opened up over the Grits, we need to see the Tories in majority territory. I hear more and more rumblings that the New Democrats will play ball with the Liberals in a more (British-like) official way than in the past. Such a possibility is not good news for Canadians.


1EKOS randomly surveyed 2,794 people by telephone between May 12 and May 18. The poll is considered accurate to within plus or minus 1.9 percentage points, 19 times out of 20. See CBC News story here.

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  1. 'I hear more and more rumblings that the New Democrats will play ball with the Liberals ...'

    Perhaps that accounts for the Liberal drop in the polls.
    The Libluvin media have been working at plowing that coalition field for the Libs, and the thoughts of Deputy PM Layton is a turn off.

    Iffy and the LPC are now at the 25-26% mark,
    PMSH is polling 10 points higher than the CPC, advantage is still ours.

  2. One of the things I take from these polls, is that the only way for the Iggy-led Libs to remain close is when all the usual suspects in the anti-Harper universe join forces to attack him over one issue.

    We saw that confulence of forces during the prorogue "debate". The big unknown is: will all the planets align for the bad guys right at the time of a general election ? That seems unlikely to me, as the Libs Jan/Feb polling success was more a result of dumb luck than anything else.

  3. We have the MSM "yapping" that even with Iggy's bad numbers - PM Harper can't break through into majority numbers.... You think about it - we have the MSM constantly barking up for the liberals - we all know the CBC bias... we have Peter Mansbridge with his political bias and his panel - trying to push them in the liberal directly - every Thursaday... and we have Question Period - with Tabor/Oliver/Travers and sometimes Gloria Galloway (whos husband works for the liberal party - pushing the liberal agenda - then Tom Clarke with his liberal bias - having as many liberals on as he can swinging for the liberals - and their leader is going in the opposite direction... so I think our PM is doing pretty well. He absolutely has no one even covering his positive moves... if he does anything - they try and swing it in a negative or they don't cover it at all. Look at the coverage they are gtiving to liberal Pablo. Can you imagine the every 5 minute coverage we would have from Fife if this happend to a conservative MP - "Harper waits until Friday night - just before a week off from Parliament" to announce that one of his members had a month old accident and charges has been laid against one of his members by the RCMP"... What do we have because this happened to the liberal - nothing!. Where is Fife/Tabor and Oliver on this one?.... zero!