Friday, May 14, 2010

Latest EKOS poll puts Conservatives in the lead

The CBC News network is reporting the results of this week’s EKOS poll1 of voter intentions. When asked who they would vote for if an election were to be held tomorrow, slightly more than a third of the respondents said their choice would be the Conservatives, and 51.0 per cent said the country is moving in the right direction.

According to the poll, 33.6 per cent of those surveyed said they would vote for the Conservatives, a slight (0.5%) increase over last week’s results. The liberals were up one full per cent at 27.1 per cent, and at 16.9 per cent, the NDP were up 0.9 per cent.

Michael Ignatieff still can’t connect with enough Canadian voters to be a real threat to the Conservatives, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper continues to be denied majority territory because of weak support in Quebec and the voter split with the Liberals in Ontario.


1EKOS randomly surveyed 2,573 people by telephone between May 5 and May 11. The poll is considered accurate to within plus or minus 1.9 percentage points, 19 times out of 20. See CBC News story here.

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  1. If the Conservative are to win, they must focus on good government.
    And gain the trust of the Canadian electorate.

  2. Even after the Guergis, Jaffer affair, they're still in front. Liberals must be bad.

  3. If the Canadian public does not trust them by now,I say fuck the Canadian public and let them have their GD corrupt Liberals back.It is time the Canadian public Shit or got off the pot.Sorry about the language,but i am getting fed up with the corrupt Canadian public.If 60 % of these slime balls are still voting for the Libs and NDP,that says there are 60% of the Canadian public on welfare UI or just on the take.I am sick of it and sick of the way they just tag along for what they can suck out of the system.Lets just become a third world country and make everyone feel at home.

  4. Conservatives need to do the following: put a conservative in the mayor's chair in Toronto. Get rid of McGuinty in Queen's park. Make changes in the national media out of Toronto. Build the brand and most importantly in the ridings build it up from the street. Too many riding associations have become local power struggles not responding to the overall drive of the party. I know ridings where liberals are holding them down and trying to hi-jack them. (real conservative)