Friday, May 14, 2010

Deal made over Afghan detainee documents

The Jack Layton Web site—AKA official New Democrat Web site—is trumpeting victory over the dreaded Conservatives in achieving “… a victory for Parliamentary democracy.”

According to the Web site, the deal has been made and essentially all parties have agree to the following arrangement:

“Under the terms of the agreement agreed to by all parties, a committee of MPs will review all documents in un-redacted form to determine their relevance to the study of the transfer of Afghan detainees by the House Special Committee on the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan. The panel’s decision on the relevance of those documents will be final and unreviewable.

“Any documents that are found to be relevant will be referred to a Panel of Expert Arbiters, who will determine how the information in those documents will be made available to all MPs, and to the public, without compromising national security.”

Sounds like a commonsense arrangement to me. Now maybe our House of Commons can get back to business—you know, the stuff Canadian really care about. How about allowing Auditor General of Canada Sheila Fraser to get a peak at individual MP expenses?

If Afghans have ill-treated Afghans, I can’t get too worked up—they’ve been doing this sort of thing for the past several hundred perhaps thousands of years. And I don’t really care who knew about it.

War is hell folks, and those who believe we can sanitize it are dreaming in Technicolor.


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  1. Once Jack reads it he will be on the phone to Moscow or Shanghai. (real conservative)